Sky-Watcher EQ8-Rh Astronomy Mount with Renishaw RA Encoder
Sky-Watcher EQ8-Rh Astronomy Mount with Renishaw RA EncoderSky-Watcher EQ8-Rh Astronomy Mount with Renishaw RA EncoderSky-Watcher EQ8-Rh Astronomy Mount with Renishaw RA Encoder

Sky-Watcher EQ8-Rh Astronomy Mount with Renishaw RA Encoder

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Model:  skywatcher-EQ8-Rh-20324
Part Number:  20324

Same as EQ8-R plus high resolution Renishaw Encoder on R.A. Axis. 

The NEW Sky-Watcher EQ8-R and EQ8-Rh Pro mounts are an evolutionary progression of the popular EQ8 Pro.

An extra heavy-duty, observatory class German Equatorial Mount with a payload capacity of up to 50kg.

Quiet in operation, the EQ8-Rh is supplied with the Synscan Go-To handset that can automatically find and track over 42,900 celestial objects from its extensive computer database.

Available either complete with pier tripod or as the mount head only, to install onto a static pier.

Two 10kg counterweights and the Synscan computerised handset are supplied with both options.

The mount is also compatible with the optional Synscan Wi-Fi adaptor and Synscan Pro Apps which can control the mount wirelessly.


Improvements over the previous EQ8 model include:

  • Cable management system for reduced tangling.
  • Improved Connectivity.
  • Improved installation position of motors for improved balance.
  • Improved clutch mechanism provides more holding strength.
  • Improved dovetail groove knob for added comfort and increased locking power.
  • Belt drive on the RA and DEC axes for quiet slewing (previously only the RA axes was belt driven).

Note: Freedom-Find encoders are not present on the EQ8-R or EQ8-Rh. 


Permanent Periodic Error Correction

This mount is equipped with an index on its R.A. worm thus the motor controller can keep tracking the current position of the worm. After a proper PEC training routine, in which the training data is stored in the motor controller permanently, a user can start the periodic error correction (PEC) at any time to improve the tracking performance for short focal length astrophotography. A training process is not required in the next observing session (assuming that the polar alignment is always accurate), thus this is a Permanent Period Error Correction (PPEC). A user can train the mount with manual guiding or auto-guiding. For detailed instructions,

Batch Exposures Function

Features include a SNAP port which can control the shutter release of a camera. Working with the SynScan hand control’s “Camera Control” function, a user can take batch exposures when doing astrophotography. Up to 8 groups of “Exposure-time & Frames” combinations can be set on the SynScan hand controller. For detailed information, refer to the SynScan hand control’s instruction manual.

Auto-Home Function

Equipped with two home position sensors. Working with the SynScan hand controller, the mount can be placed to the same home position after turning on the power. For detailed information, refer to the SynScan hand control’s instruction manual. 


The diagram below will be useful to those wanting to mount an EQ8 series head to an existing pier. 


Note regarding delivery: Because the EQ8-Rh Pro is a large mount it is delivered separately on a pallet.  Delivery requires 3-5x days (not the indicated 1-2x days).  When it reaches your local depot the courier will contact you to arrange a delivery date. 


Payload Capacity (excl. counterweights) 50kg
Latitude Adjustment Range 10° to 65°
Azimuth Adjustment Range +/- 10°
Mount Head Weight (excl. tripod) 25.8kg
Pier Tripod (optional) 29.4kg
Counterweights 2 x 10kg
Counterweight Rod 2.6kg
Power Requirement 11 to 16 Volts DC (Higher voltage preferred), 55W
Motors 0.9° Hybrid Stepper Motor
Transmission 435:1 Worm Drive + 256 Micro-Step/0.9° Stepper Motor
Resolution 44,544,000 Counts/Rev, approx 0.03 Arc-Second
Maximum Slewing Speed 3.7° per Second
Resolution of R.A. High Resolution Renishaw Encoder

11,840,000 Counts/Rev., approx. 0.11 arc-second

Tracking Rates Sidereal, Solar and Lunar Rates
Auto-Guiding Speeds 0.125x, 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x & 1x
PPEC 200 Segments Permanent PEC
Polar Alignment By software control or optional Polarscope
Hand Controller Synscan with 42,900+ Object Database
Remote Control Control also possible with Synscan Pro Application for Windows via USB, Synscan Pro App for iOS and Android with optional Wi-Fi Dongle
Additional Ports 4 x USB Ports and 3 x Power Outlets for Peripheral Devices
Connectivity Paired RJ10, RJ12 and RJ45 modular jacks
DSLR Control DSLR Snap Port / Batch Exposures Function
Home Auto Home Function
Synscan Celestial Object Catalogue Messier, NGC, IC, SAO, Caldwell, Double-Star, Variable Star, Named Star, Planets
Pointing Accuracy Up to 5 arc-minutes (RMS)

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