Sky-Watcher EQ5 Deluxe

Sky-Watcher EQ5 Deluxe

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Model:  eq5-mount-20464
Part Number:  20464

The sturdy EQ5 Equatorial mount provides provides a host of useful features for the serious astronomer.

Supplied with a sturdy, adjustable stainless steel pipe tripod with accessory tray, bubble level, latitude adjuster with micrometer scale and an azimuth polar-alignment adjuster.

A polarscope is included to aid polar alignment and manual slow motion tracking controls for convenience. 

Optional single-axis and dual-axis D.C. motor drives can be installed for auto-tracking purposes. 

Approximate latitude operating range: 28-60°

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EQ 5 mount
Tuesday, 25 January 2022  | 

So it's reassuringly weighty, the tripod is a very sturdy unit, and ( once you work it out), it fits together quite easily. Quite a step up from the Star Adventurer and a camera tripod. Delivered within 48 hrs by Flo, who are now my goto for all things astronomy. Don't debate; just buy it!

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Wish I could give a fair review
Friday, 17 September 2021  | 

The reason I gave three stars is I have no idea how good or bad the mount is as there have been no clear skies since I received it. However, I will say it's a wee bit cheapskate supplying control knobs rather than cables.

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Excellent Mount
Saturday, 31 July 2021  | 

Very good equatorial mount. Mine arrived with a damaged tripod but FLO organized for me the return and replacement of the broken part from France in 2 weeks. The bad surprise was for the delivery of the repaired tripod, DHL did not understand that it was a return from a previous delivery, I had to pay the taxes twice.

The mount is very good, arrived with a polarscope, I thought it was optional! I use it visually with a Maksutov 127. For astophotography I have mounted an EQstar belt kit and the first tests are very encouraging for the future setup with 200-500 mm FL scope.

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Saturday, 16 January 2021  | 

An excellent mount for medium-weight scopes. FLO were hit by shipping problems from China but kept me informed as to the progress of the shipment. All in, an excellent purchase from a top-rate company!!

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Great mount for my Sky-Watcher Startravel 120T
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  | 

Since I own the Sky-Watcher Startravel 120T, I felt in need of a more sturdy mount than the small EQ-1 that I had with my Sky-Watcher Maksutov 90/1250. So, the EQ-5 was what i ordered from FLO. It arrived within a week, great! The 120T sits snugly on this mount. I have to get used to it though, it is so much heavier than the tiny EQ-1.
It took some effort to get the manual knobs for declination and RA attached. I used the smooth part of a 5.5 mm drill to extend the metal bushing within the knobs a little, so as to make them fit onto the axis. That did the trick, the knobs are now perfectly fitting and will not fall off again.
Now, all I need is sufficient spare time at night to get used to this mount more and more. The first impression is great. The small Mak 90/1250 can remain on its EQ-1, whilst the 120T appears perfectly fitted onto this nice mount. As a beginner, I cannot wish for a lot more right now, until I can call myself more experienced.

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Great tripod and mount
Wednesday, 17 June 2020  | 

I have never owned an equatorial mount before, so not sure what to expect when it was delivered, first impression when I tried to pick up the box is, its heavy, on the plus side it is a very sturdy tripod, assembly is straight forward, though the fine adjustment knobs are not a great fit, but work ok, the plastic cap over the polar scope is not a tight fit either, but apart from moving slightly I have not managed to knock it off. I found reading the manual on how to carry out polar alignment is confusing, but there is a lot of help on youtube, after that it is not that bad, the worst part is that the polar scope is not illuminated, so it is hard to see the markings for lining up polaris, you have to squat down to look through the scope, and I ended up shining a red light across the end of the scope, so I could see it, there is a polar scope illuminator you can buy, so might make it easier, balancing the telescope on the mount is easy enough, just make sure you tighten the weight locking screw enough, or the balance weight will slip down the shaft. Overall very pleased with the EQ5 delux, rated at 4 stars due to the adjustment knobs and loose polar scope cap

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Skywatcher EQ5 Delux
Friday, 5 June 2020  | 

Arrived within 2 days, very well packed, and all in order thank you FLO, great service! Got it to mount a Celestron C6 which sits happily using only one of the 2 5kg weights provided with the mount. The mounts really solid, and doesn't weigh 'too' much either. It's my first EQ mount, as I've come from starting with a dob 200p, which is still great. I look forward to some setting circle fun, and getting a single axis motor at some point to venture into some tracking and astrophotography, I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers FLO.

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Perfect for upgrading
Wednesday, 3 June 2020  | 

I needed to upgrade my mount for my 150 Skymax and it works perfectly and the manual tracking is good better than my previous mount and will upgrade this and put a GoTo tracking system on it in the future so I can track planets and the moon rather me manually tracking which is fun but given the option to add a GoTo system makes it perfect.

Pros upgradable tracking GoTo system
Perfect for heavy scopes
Solid mount

Not a grab and go mount but you can take the weights off which makes it better to take outside.
Polar alignment had to search on YouTube for this set up as the instructions are not clear.

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Skywatcher EQ5 Mount: Very Nice
Friday, 2 August 2019  | 

Top quality. Star hop with enhanced dual-axis drive kit to learn astronomical object locations and constellations! Goto not necessary. Added 6.3" extension for height adjustment , as tripod legs are not being extended for more stability during astrophotography. Having a lot of fun. Surely recommended!

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nice mount...however
Tuesday, 24 May 2016  | 

took delivery of the eq5 Deluxe with a 200p reflector..initial thoughts were good...well packaged,no damage.I was however very disappointed at the slo mo dials.instead of the nice elongated ones that are on lesser mounts this comes with nasty ,plastic,can hardly get on fittings..little plastic knobs that hold (just) a metal shim..the holes are completely the wrong shape to fit disappointment was the RA circle and the date dial..very flimsy and distorted.The final downer was the usual wrong,contradictory,unclear skywatcher instructions,thank god for you tube..These issues have been long documented but none the less don't stop this from being a very stable mount.In telescope terms its still classed as a toy by the big boys but was at the top of my budget..The setting circles once everything is lined up do aid observation and target finding...find a large bright known object..set circles to the documented co-ordinates,then when the scope is moved to another nearby objects RA/DEC it gets it in the eyepiece.tThe circles aren't pin point accurate for many reasons such as size thickness of the lines,set up error etc but good enough.I found the polar finder fiddly as I haven't used one before but its early days yet.All in all the eq5 is a good solid mount that perhaps suffers from a little corner cutting..special mention has to go to the lat adjustment bolts they seem very soft and are one part I will definitely be looking at to upgrade.

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