Dual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors
Dual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors

Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors

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Model:  skywatcher_focuser_20171
Part Number:  20171

Latest model with screw holes for fitting a finder-shoe. 

CNC machined, black-anodised, 10:1 dual-speed rotatable Crayford focuser.

This focuser is a direct replacement/upgrade for the standard focuser supplied with Sky-Watcher Evostar 102/120/150, Startravel 102/120/150 and Evostar 80ED/100ED/120ED refractors.

Supplied with 2"-1.25" eyepiece adapter, so accepts both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.

Features adjustable tension, locking clamp and indexed drawtube.

Length of focuser 132mm + 80mm when draw-tube fully extended. 

Our FLO Adapter will enable you to use Sky-Watcher focal reducers with this focuser smiley

Note: Accepts a regular Synta-type finder shoe (when supplied, the two attachment points have grub-screws fitted). 

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23 March 2023  | 

I was a little worried about fitting this to my Star-travel 120 after reading other reviews saying that it was a little too large and having to sand down the inside of the tube. However, I needn't have worried. The new focuser fitted absolutely perfectly and it only took me a total of 7 minutes to remove the standard focuser and put on the new one. Beautifully machined, the Crayford is so much smoother, accurate and has no give in it, as the standard focuser did. A rather expensive but totally worth it upgrade. Telescope needs to be re-balanced after fitting the Crayford as it is more sturdy and heavier than the standard Delivery was super fast. As usual. Thank you FLO!

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07 March 2023  | 

Very well built focuser very sharp and smooth recomend

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Great Item but......
23 February 2023  | 

Excellent service from FLO. Thank you. This focuser is a great upgrade for my Skywatcher Startravel 102 but there were issues fitting it to the scope. It's a very very tight fit and at first I didn't think I was going to get it on the scope at all. After several failed attempts to press the focuser into the tube I noticed that some debris had fallen into the tube from the attempts and stuck to the inside of the lens. This took a long careful time to clean out. Then I very carefully went round the inside of the scope tube with a plastic scrubber to get it really smooth and smeared some light grease inside the tube to the depth of the focuser attachment screw holes. After this and with someone holding the tube tightly I tried again to press the focuser in, and failed again. I was on the point of giving up and emailing FLO for advice but I gave it one more last and determined try and I managed finally to work it down into the tube and put the attachment screws in. Then when I put the OTA back on the mount I couldn't balance the scope. The focuser is quite a bit heavier than the original and trying to balance the scope now I ran out of dovetail bar. For all that I would still recommend this upgrade it's a great replacement for the original and works beautifully.

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Excellent service
14 November 2022  | 

Ordered on Friday and despite A Royal Mail strike it still arrived next day Saturday, exceptional service. This really is a great upgrade for a little used scope, a 10-minute fix, fitted my Celestron SLT 102 no problem, I will start using it again now. Thanks FLO great service.

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A Very High Quality Focuser
05 July 2022  | 

I purchased this focuser to replace the stock synta on a Celestron 102mm F6.5 SLT. It fit perfectly and is a VERY significant upgrade. Essentially it takes a $300 Cdn telescope and makes it feel like a $1000 one.

The package arrived in Canada in a week. The focuser install couldn’t have been easier. I removed the three retaining bolts on the stock focuser and gently inserted the new one. It was a tight fit but after snugging it in I gently tapped the new focuser in on a table making sure the screw holes maintained their position. It literally took 10 minutes. I then put the finder shoe on using the supplied screws and was good to go!

Service and communication from First Light Optics was top notch and both the staff and myself thought it would probably fit - and obviously it did.

This is my first purchase from FLO as Canadian stores don’t seem to supply this part. I would use FLO again in a second if the item is not available in Canada.

In short, a great product with good service - Highly Recommended.

Clear skies all!

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Great upgrade and product quality
24 May 2022  | 

First >> parcel was delivred really fast. From UK to Canada took 3days with DHL.

Bought The focuser to replace the original on from my Skywatcher 120/600. With the original; I was never able to align it with the center of the optic and I had some tilt issues.
The new product is heavy compare to the original one but not that much. My camera is now perfectly align with the center of the glass and the focus is relly cool. Durring my last test was during a foggy night and i was able to get a focus value of 2.3. Compare to my previoius 4 arround during clear sky, it is a great improvement. I waiting for more clear nights.

The mount was easy except the skywatcher 's paint was thick. I use some sand paper to remove it and then >>> perfect.

The wheels are really smooth and pleasant to use.
I mounted my ZWO Auto Focuser on it and no problem.

Finally, my first impressions and tests are really good and i think i will enjoy it and I can recommand the product.

Also, Thanks for the support service to quicly replied my questions before my order.

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Excellent Replacement/Upgrade
06 May 2022  | 

The stock focuser on my SkyWatcher 120ST was terrible, so I replaced it with this focuser. Installation was easy, just “plug and play”. Highly recommended!!

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2” Dual speed Crayford focuser
20 April 2022  | 

An excellent upgrade from the existing focuser that was supplied with the scope. Very nice finish on the black machined metalwork. The action is silky smooth throughout the full range of motion. I had to remove the fitting (adapter) on the telescope to sand the thick layer of paint away so that the focuser would slide into position. Once fitted i removed the two grub screws to expose the threaded holes for the finder shoe. Very pleased with this purchase. Top class service from FLO as usual

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Fitting to a Celestron 102.
07 April 2022  | 

After some sage advice from Chris at FLO, I took a safe bet on the fact that the Skywatcher unit would also fit the Celestron 102 Omni. I won the bet it seems and the unit fitted ok although, with my example needed a bit of light sanding to the inside of the tube, to ensure a non forced fit!
The machining and finish of this unit is superb and light years ahead of the standard 2" unit on my Celestron. Also, the new unit is a dream to use, so precise and smooth, it's really changed the whole scope. For a 160 pound outlay, I think it's a bargain!
FLO service was top notch, I ordered on a Wed am, it was dispatched that same day and arrived via DHL here in Turks And Caicos Islands on the Friday afternoon....amazing!

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Finely tuned machine!
23 February 2022  | 

Purchased to replace a standard "single" speed focusser on a Skywatcher 120 achromat. The new dual speed Crayford was quick and easy to fit - no problems at all! It performs very well, and the fine tuning ratio is perfect. It substantially reduces handshake when compared to the old standard single focusser. Good investment and recommended highly.

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