Dual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors
Dual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher RefractorsDual-Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors

Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors

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Model:  skywatcher_focuser_20171
Part Number:  20171

Latest model with screw holes for finder-shoe. 

CNC machined 10:1 dual-speed Crayford focuser designed as a direct replacement / upgrade for the standard focuser supplied with Sky-Watcher Evostar 102/120/150, Startravel 102/120/150 and Evostar 80ED/100ED/120ED refractors.

Will accept both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.

Features adjustable tension, locking clamp and indexed drawtube.

Length of focuser 132mm + 80mm when draw-tube fully extended. 

Our FLO Adapter will enable you to use Sky-Watcher focal reducers with this focuser smiley

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Yes, works for the Vixen ED80
Tuesday, 22 June 2021  | 

This Crayford two speed focuser also works for the Vixen ED80Sf telescope. I bought this upgrade for easier EAA and Astrophotography work. The focuser is very well made and exceeded my expectations. Take note, the focuser added .65kg to the weight of my scope and I had to swap out the stock vixen dovetail with a 20cm long bar to obtain balance. Also, a bit of alteration to the carrying case foam is needed to fit the two speed knob profile.
Recommended? Absolutely for EAA and Astrophotography. For visual work, recommended, but maybe not as important. Very pleased with this purchase.

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Dual Speed 2'' Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors
Sunday, 13 June 2021  | 

Hi FLO, First of all, I would like to thank you for your impeccable service for following the shipment and tracking all the way through on this item. Just exceptional!...That is at least until USPS got a hold of the delivery. Now for the review: I must have searched about 14 different 2'' focusers on the internet, all ranging in around $150.00, and none were as beautiful as this one! This thing is truly the finest piece of machinery I have ever seen, both cosmetically and mechanically! I'm also happy that it doesn't have any (LOGO) markings on it. It will look better on my 127/1200mm Refractor. This focuser is definitely worth the extra $50.00, or so dollars. I can't be more happy with it, and once again, your exceptional services too. Thank you all so much, and have a wonderful day.....sincerely,...David Pace.

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Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors
Thursday, 27 May 2021  | 

I purchased this to replace a TS Crayford focuser (GSO clone maybe) that no longer worked after my SW Startravel 120 fell onto the obsy floor from the shelf had precariously balanced it on - won't do that again. But whilst the focuser was damaged the rest of the scope survived the ordeal, so I ordered this Crayford as a replacement. As usual super price and delivery from FLO. The focuser is chunkier than the TS version, and slightly longer, so works with a 1.25ins diagonal - the TS one needed an extension tube to come to focus. This one is also a lot smoother, I had to slightly mod the previous one with a teflon pad to replace the original plastic bit that the spindle run through as it caused annoying sticking when using the fine focus knob. The only problem was that the focuser was a smidgen too big to fit in the telescope tube - but I resisted the temptation to use brute force and used an abrasive wheel on an electric drill to slightly trim down the skirt on the focuser that fits into the OTA. It slipped in nicely after that and the ST120 is back in business.

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Fantastic upgrade for ST 102
Wednesday, 28 April 2021  | 

I bought this dual speed focusser for my Skywatcher ST102 as I was finding the original focusser difficult to use accurately. After removing the bolts and sliding out the original unit the new one went in easily with no adjustment needed. The focusser is superb and makes is a huge improvement. While it is expensive I feel that it was worth the money

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A Really Wonderful Upgade -
Monday, 22 March 2021  | 

Overall: I really recommended this focuser! This upgrade took away the distraction of not getting a good focus, or my having to focus on gaining good focus instead of paying attention to the object. This was an issue for those high magnification targets that go flying by in the eyepiece. Now, those situations are few, and even if I am not sure if I have captured the focus perfectly, the fine tune option quickly lets me confirm -without losing the object in a blur. The old focuser was a bit heavy-handed that way -no “play” to fine tune.

1. Two main great advantages for me in upgrading my StarTravel 120 /600 focuser to this Crayford dual-speed focuser.
a. better focusing: (more forgiving)
When achieving focus with large knobs there is a longer moment of focus -a slight movement past focus with the large knobs results in less degradation of the focus (as was the case with the original focuser). The fine tuning focuser knob makes it is easy to bring the object to maximum focus.

b: 360 degree rotating focuser:
When using my EQ mount this is almost essential (Otherwise I can get into viewing situations where I have to loosen the OTA rings and rotate the OTA to get the eyepiece in an easily-accessible position).
Also, this makes using the AltAz mount easier, too. Just being more adjustable is better.

c. Less important but nice bonus results:
- New focuser is smoother, and has less wiggle/looseness in the focuser tube.
- It uses compression rings vice screws to lock in eyepieces and even the 2" to 1.25" adapter.

2. Issues:
-I have read that some models (one mentioned was the Orion version of the 120/600) take this upgrade without issue -a smooth fit / exchange out of the box.

- For me it was not so quick.
My model of 120mm/600mm achromatic reflector is the Sky Watcher, StarTravel.
Mine has rear ((white) OTA coupler (for the focuser) that is that is 96.8mm interior diameter.
The new focuser has an exterior diameter of 97mm. So, I had to buff down about 0.1mm layer of paint where the two came together, plus about 0.1mm of collar. I did that.
- It took about an hour to do it, but I took a number of days to look into how others had done this.
Not quite a beginner's task, but straightforward, pretty basic, and quick.

After reassembly, testing, and now use. . .I am so so glad I did it!
It works better, the advantages make it more fun to use, and everything feels like it works a bit better!
I would recommend this upgrade. It was not essential, but after doing it, I am spoiled by the better performance!

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Leap and bounds ahead of stock focuser.
Tuesday, 16 March 2021  | 

This is a beautifully made item finished in a lovely shiny deep black, similar to the old equinox 80 scope. The focuser is very smooth and and has a graduation scale to help you remember where focus was between sessions. The body is rotatable making camera positioning easy. Eyepieces and cameras are held firmly with no wobble. There is no finder shoe but the threaded holes are there to fit your own.
I had no problems carefully removing the old focuser and the new one went in without issue, Allen key screws are provided to replace the stock cross head ones on refitting. I noticed there has been a price increase, I was lucky and got this one at the old price but at the current price it is still good value for money.
Excellent service from FLO, packaging superb. Clouds included in the deal.
Clear skies forecast for my area tonight so looking forward to getting out there!

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Excellent Upgrade Focuser
Saturday, 14 November 2020  | 

First class upgrade for my 102mm Sky Watcher refractor telescope. I wanted the fine adjustment that this focuser provides for pin point stars and moon details. The stock focuser was fine, only it took a lot of fiddling to get it right.
The upgrade 2" Crayford has the smooth action, very positive feel on the knobs and is just brilliant all round. Fitting the focuser is easy and all holes line up perfectly. Get one, you will not regret it!

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Shows signs of it being used.
Tuesday, 22 September 2020  | 

I haven't fitted this yet only looked at it. the worse is a shinning line in the inner light baffle about 10mm long. (hope it does not cause a light flare)
the large ring which fits into the back of the telescope has some scratches on the front of the ring , no large cap which I have seen in a you tube video.
The Nylon grub screws one or two shows signs of badly use of a screw driver on them, which is puzzling as they are if anything two easy to turn with a proper fitting screwdriver.
I rotated the with just a wera long flat blade bit 6mm.
This is being sold as brand new and I would describe it as shop soiled at best. The focusing rail shows signs of use/wear.
I have already sent a Baader sky surfer V back because of red dot is damaged and signs of use. They have received but have not acknowledge.


Sorry to hear of your dissapointment. The focuser was not secondhand or shop soiled (it was supplied to you in a new unopened box and we don't have a shop) but clearly the fit and finsih is not acceptable. Please email us to arrange collection/replacement.

Regarding your other returned item, we advised you earlier this month Baader no longer have stock (Covid-19) so it will be some time before we can dispatch a replacement. We also offered a refund.


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Some nice stock R&P upgrade!
Tuesday, 1 September 2020  | 

I bought this Crayford as a replacement of my Celestron C6R 150/1200mm stock R&P. The focuser has fitted in to C6R opening no problem, all three screw holes are at exact match. After final assembly I've tested full in/out collimation and it is spot on, which is a pleasant surprise in comparison to stock R&P. Even unlocked, the focuser holds a heavy Nikon D800 no problem while pointing at Polaris (tension would need to be adjusted out of the box probably) Finder shoe 2x holes are there also.
Now a bit of a negative side. My version has arrived with a seriously stuck grub screw on a single speed handle side, leaving no option to fit in a focusing motor easily. A workaround is as follows - a shaft and a single speed handle can be removed altogether by unscrewing a grub screw from a double speed side. Then a replacement 4mmx100mm stainless steel shaft to be accuired (plenty of a modelling shafts available everywhere). That allows to fit in a standard Skywatcher motor, although some drill work would be needed to fit a motor plate.
There is also a small catch with a focuser rotation - if using a heavy finder make sure to lock a focuser rotation control srew or it could rotate by itself when you don't need it
I would put an overall rating as 4 stars - very solid, but could be slightly better. Can't go wrong for the price though.

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Very Smooth focuser without tilting.
Wednesday, 26 August 2020  | 

Great for My Omegon 102mm ED triplet.

After removing the flange adapter, it was attached to the telescope side.

Much smoother than the original focuser.

Great to use~!

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