Skywatcher EQ3 PRO Synscan GOTO

Skywatcher EQ3 PRO Synscan GOTO


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Model:  skywatcher_eq3_pro_goto
Part Number:  20230
Brand:  Skywatcher


Compatible with EQMOD using a Lynx Astro EQDIR adapter :-) 

The Skywatcher EQ3-PRO SynScan uses the same GoTo system found in the HEQ5 and EQ6 Pro mounts which allows you to point the telescope at a specific object or even tour the skies at the touch of a button.

  • Payload Capacity: Approx 5kg for imaging and 7kg for visual
  • Positioning Accuracy up to 1 arc minute. Accuracy enhanced by software collimation error (mount mechanical error) compensation.
  • ST-4 Auto Guiding interface.
  • Stepper motors with 1.8° step angle and 64 micro steps driven.
  • Slewing speed up to 3.4°/sec (800X).
  • Guiding speed selectable from 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, or 1X.
  • Object database containing complete Messier, NGC, and IC catalogues.
  • Periodic Error Correction.
  • PC compatibility.
  • Upgradeable hand control via internet download.

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