Sky-Watcher Stainless Steel 1.75'' Tripod with 3/8'' thread

Sky-Watcher Stainless Steel 1.75" Tripod with 3/8" thread

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Model:  sw_tripod_3-8_stainless_steel_tripod
Part Number:  20316

A heavy-duty tripod with 1.75" diameter stainless steel legs and a centre bolt connector with 3/8" tripod thread. 

Can be used to upgrade the standard aluminium tripod supplied with Sky-Watcher's AZ5, AZ Pronto, AZ-GTi, & AZ-EQ Avant mount/telescope models, providing much greater stability.  Also suitable for use with the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer mount. 

Includes accessory tray/spreader. 

Tripod extends from 83.5cm to 115cm. Can be used with Sky-Watcher's 21.5cm extension tube (code 20313). 

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An excellent base for the Ioptron Skyguider
07 January 2023  | 

This tripod provides the 3/8" UNC thread fixing (adaptable to 1/4" UNC with an extra accessory), required for the Ioptron Skyguider wedge (and others), supporting its system components and camera and lens/small telescope. Rock solid is an understatement, with tubular legs over 40mm in diameter that outclass the performance of most if not all amateur photo tripods, and at a fraction of the price of one that might. The two part legs fully extended provide a taller platform than tripods. Even fully retracted the 85cm height with legs splayed allows use of the built in Ioptron optical polarscope with less extreme contortions than usual in such systems, sighting Polaris at the steep angles resulting from UK latitudes. I am no weight lifter, but can lift and move the Skywatcher tripod, wedge, camera/wide angle lens and counterweight system with one hand and little discomfort. The only downside is that the tripod won't fold down to fit airline hand luggage requirements but it would be no problem with road transport to dark sky sites. Highly recommended.

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Very sturdy tripod
29 August 2022  | 

I bought this tripod to upgrade my aluminium black star adventurer tripod I was using with my az gti mount. My word, very chunky thick legs and very substantial weight to it. My star adventurer tripod is dwarfed by it. I already had the extension pillar previously so now my 72ed on az gti mount in EQ mode is very solid and stable. Thoroughly recommend upgrading to this tripod.

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Sturdy tripod
19 August 2022  | 

Arrived next day. A really sturdy tripod for any purpose, not too heavy. No instructions, found it a challenge to connect accessory tray and skywatcher az-wifi head even though they are compatible. All assembled in time to view Saturn at opposition that evening 😊
Using with celestron C6 seems very stable arrangement. Very happy with purchase.

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Excellent tripod arrived perfectly to Australia
01 February 2022  | 

The tripod is exactly as described and high quality. I wanted to post a review to praise First Light Optics for always delivering quickly to Australia. This tripod went from the UK to the USA and then to Australia. I still received it in a week in perfect condition.

Regular customer of FLO on the other side of the World. Thanks again for a flawless product.

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A very sturdy tripod
17 January 2022  | 

I bought this tripod to go with the Sky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Az mount. Initially I wanted to use the mount with my Manfrotto 055 tripod but it was clear this would not be suitable. I didn't feel comfortable sitting a telescope on top! So, onto a better tripod. The Sky-Watcher stainless steel tripod is like a fully grown tripod compared to the childlike Manfrotto. It exudes sturdiness without feeling too cumbersome. It's heavy but not overly so. As with all Sky-Watcher equipment I've had, the machining is well done with no signs corners have been cut during manufacturing. This tripod will likely last many years.

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Monster tripod
14 December 2021  | 

Rock solid heavyweight tripod. Very good value.

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Bomb proof tripod
14 December 2021  | 

This tripod has it's weight but is probably indestructible. Extremely durable, it won't fall over no matter how hard you try. I needed some minutes to get how to attach my star adventurer. Probably not for going on hikes and taking it with you will not be the easiest thing.

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Solid base for AZ GTi, but not compact
21 November 2021  | 

I bought an AZ GTi to have a more portable setup but found that my Manfrotto 190 aluminium tripod wasn’t really stable enough. I had previously owned a Meade telescope with tripod with 2” legs so had some idea what to expect from this tripod, but still was a bit surprised when I first opened the box. The unextended minimum length of the tripod legs is around 96cm, so this does not fold up to be particularly compact. Put the Skywatcher AZ extension tube on top and you have a nearly 4–foot tall object to store! Not a problem as such, I just hadn’t worked it out by looking at the specs - and it considerably taller than my old Meade tripod. On the plus side, you have a very comfortable working height without extending the legs. Another minor gripe is that the spreader plate is not shaped so that you can unlock it without having to fully remove the clamping bolt. Again, on the Meade you could leave the spreader plate connected, but rotate it a bit and fold the tripod up into a small footprint. One less thing to have to assemble when getting setup.

In use, I have found this tripod very solid and vibrations to the (61mm) telescope on AZ GTi stop in around 2 seconds. At around 6kg in weight, it’s solid but not too heavy to move.

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10 June 2021  | 

Upgrade for the wife's Star adventure pro 2i. Very sturdy and well made.

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Solid sturdy tripod
09 June 2021  | 

I got this instead of the discontinued iOptron one for my SkyGuider Pro. It’s perfect for me, very solid and I managed guiding within ~0.8” rms so couldn’t ask for more really. Some reviews mention the weight as a drawback but, for me, it weighs as it looks and, unless you’re wanting to hike through the woods with it, it shouldn’t put you off. Certainly my SkyGuider Pro, WO base wedge, camera and lens/scope weigh much more.

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Q1. Does the iOptron SkyGuider fit on this tripod?

Yes, the iOptron SkyGuider does fit onto this tripod using the 3/8 thread.

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