AstroArt V6 Image Capture & Processing Package (with free upgrade to AstroArt 7)

AstroArt V6 Image Capture & Processing Package (with free upgrade to AstroArt 7)

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Model:  astroart-v6

With free upgrade to Version 7!

For a free upgrade please send contact AstroArt here: with a copy of your invoice.

First Light Optics is an authorized MSB Software dealer for AstroArt.

AstroArt 6.0 is a complete astro-imaging package for camera control, image stacking, image processing, photometry and astrometry for digital and film images.

All major CCD cameras, telescopes, filter wheels, and focusers are supported. New drivers are released almost every month.

Price includes:

  • Complete AstroArt software on CD-ROM, CCD drivers, manual, several pictures for the image processing tutorials
  • 12 months of free upgrades. This means your purchase is protected if a new major version is released within one year
  • You have the right to use AstroArt on several PCs if you don't use them at the same time (example: desktop at home, notebook outdoor)
  • Two years of technical assistance by email and phone. Program in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
  • Printed 140-page instruction book

AstroArt v6 Service Pack 2 now available for download.

Key features include:

Advanced filters: Adaptive low pass, Maximum entropy deconvolution, Larson Sekanina, hot pixel removal, unsharp mask, remove gradient, de-blooming, DDP, FFT, etc, with full preview.

Astrometry and photometry: With integrated star atlas, GSC included, USNO and UCAC supported. MPC reports, aperture photometry, batch photometry, estimation of measuring errors, plate solving and MPCORB minor planets.

Image stacking: Automatic on sets of images with sub-pixel precision. Five algorithms (star patterns, one star, two stars, planet, correlation), drizzle, colour synthesis and batch processing.

Colour imaging: Native 96 bit, visualised in real time without modifying the underlying data. Quadrichromy LRGB and WCMY with LAB. conversion. Colour balance, colour curves and adaptive saturation.

High speed: AstroArt is extremely fast thanks to its code being optimised in SSE assembly. Fully compatible with Windows 7 to Windows 2000.

What is new in V6?

Annotations: Add labels, figures and logos, without modifying the image. 

Demosaic: New demosaic ("debayer") with real time preview. 
Mask: Masks are used to analyse or filter a part of the image. 

Denoise filter: New filter to reduce noise without blurring the image. 
Trichromy: New white balance and colour fringes correction. 

Multicore: Image processing filters now use all cores of your CPU. 

Minor planets: The star atlas has many new features dedicated to minor planets. 

Other: More than 30 minor new features. 

What is new in V5?

All functions have been improved or rewritten from scratch.
Auto-alignment: New algorithm based on star patterns, corrects rotation and translation on grayscale and colour images.
Preprocessing: Fully rewritten, with many new features to automatically align and stack images.
Filters:  All filters have been rewritten and now give better results in less time.
Curves: For realtime visualisation, histogram stretch and tone mapping.
Plate solving: For astrometry and automatic centring of the telescope after a GOTO.
New commands: Cosmetic filters (compress stars, remove lines, etc), gradient removal, histogram stretch, adaptive saturation, batch photometry and reticle.
More speed: Thanks to SSE/SSE2 instructions up to 4 pixels are processed at once.

AstroArt is an open system with plug-in support. All programmers of C, C++, Pascal can create new filters using the free development kit.


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Very good.
Tuesday, 12 January 2016  | 

I've knocked a half star off because some things seem (as a new user) a little awkward. It doesn't like AVI files from SharpCap but this isn't an issue since AutoStakkert 2 does a brilliant job of stacking moon and planets. I'm happy to stack in there and finish off in AA6. The post processing in AA6 seems so much easier in AA6 than PS and it is truly geared up for astro images with the histogram stretch and various filters. DSS completely ruined stacking my images of M42 making the stacked image stupidly worse than one single frame prior to stacking. However, AA6 did a fantastic job of stacking and stretching the same data and the difference between the final outputs was chalk and cheese. I believe the price asked for AA6 is easily justified. Just wish there were more tutorials out there. Anyway, most of it lends itself to learning by playing so it is easy to use in that respect. I give a good 4.5 stars. Oh, what it did for my 30 frames of M45 was amazing!!! If PixInsight scares you and the price of Maxim drives you under the duvet then you can'g go wrong with AA6, it blows away Deep Sky Stacker. It can do so much more but I haven't got that far yet.


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