Warren Keller Image Processing for Astrophotography PixInsight Part-1

Warren Keller Image Processing for Astrophotography PixInsight Part-1

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Model:  WK-IP4AP-PIP1
Part Number:  WK-IP4AP-PIP1

"For a modest cost, they helped me build my PI repertoire and improve my images. In the context of paying thousands of dollars for equipment, computers, and software, IP4AP’s tutorials provide outstanding value for the money. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about harnessing PixInsight’s vast capabilities to make beautiful space photos."  Dr. Ron Brecher​ - Astronomy Magazine

Warren Keller joins forces with PixInsight expert, Rogelio Bernal Andreo to bring you a new series of DVD tutorials focused entirely on the astro-image processing software, PixInsight.

PixInsight is the brainchild of Juan Conejero, a Spanish software developer who has led Vicent Peris and the 'PTeam' since 2004 in PI's development. If you're new to image processing, PixInsight is a very powerful and much less expensive alternative to Photoshop. New modules are being added all the time, eliminating the need for astro-specific, 3rd-party plugins as with Photoshop. Because it was specifically designed for Astrophotography, it has definite advantages over Adobe CS and we can see a time in the near future when its postprocessing abilities will surpass Photoshop in many areas.

Shot in the same easy to follow fashion as Warren's other popular instructional videos, part 1 will get you comfortable navigating within PixInsight. Learn how to Reduce, Align and Combine quality master files while still within the linear space. Repair Gradients with ABE and DBE, achieve proper color balance with ColorCalibration and restore sharpness with Deconvolution. Improve your knowledge of the program through Warren's simple to follow, short video tutorial format.

Table of Contents

  • PI-0 Introduction, Our earlier series, What's New at IP4AP, Intro to PixInsight 7:10min
  • PI-1 Primer-1 Philosophy, Introduction to the User Interface, PI Community, Automatic Updates, Global Preferences, Toolbars, Explorer Windows, Menus 7:21min
  • PI-2 Primer-2 The User Interface continued- Explorer Windows, Tool Bars, Overall functionality 7:18min
  • PI-3 Primer-3 The User Interface continued- the Screen Transfer Function, New Instances 7:22min
  • PI-4 Primer-4 The User Interface continued- Processes, Previews, Real Time Previews, Intro to Masks 7:03min
  • PI-5 Primer-5 The User Interface continued- More Masks, the Process Container, the Image Container 6:54min
  • PI-6 Stack-1 Using the new Batch Preprocessing script to Calibrate, Register and Integrate images into Master Files 5:49min
  • PI-7 Stack-2 Using the new Batch Preprocessing script continued 5:30min
  • PI-8 Stack-3 Using the new Batch Preprocessing script continued, including Debayering and CosmeticCorrection 6:33min
  • PI-9 Stack-4 Using the new Batch Preprocessing script continued, a simple, automatic, OSC run is detailed 5:04min
  • PI-10 Stack-5 Using the new Batch Preprocessing script continued, a manual, monochromatic approach is detailed 4:15min
  • PI-11 Stack-6 The ImageIntegration Process for Light Frames 5:50min
  • PI-12 Stack-7 The ImageIntegration process for Bias, Dark, and Flat Masters. The ImageCalibration process is introduced for preparing Flat frames for stacking. 6:00min
  • PI-13 Stack-8 The ImageIntegration process for Light frames. The Batch Debayer Script and StarAlignment are also covered, concluding our 8-part miniseries on stacking with PI. 6:22min
  • PI-14 Linear-1 Postprocessing in the linear state. The DynamicCrop, FastRotation, ChannelCombination, and ChannelExtraction processes are introduced. 7:22min
  • PI-15 Linear-2 Alternate method of Lightness extraction, splitting of RGB, and LRGB combination; and the application of a History state to an image are shown. Background extraction is also introduced. 5:47min
  • PI-16 Linear-3 The AutomaticBackgroundExtractor (ABE) and its affect on Additive and Multiplicative gradients. 5:17min
  • PI-17 Linear-4 The DynamicBackgroundExtraction process (DBE) and its affect on Additive and Multiplicative gradients. Automatic sample generation for less challenging fields is the focus. 6:50min
  • PI-18 Linear-5 The DynamicBackgroundExtraction process for complex nebular fields, and extreme light pollution, Manual samples, Symmetries; and the BackgroundNeutralization process are covered. 8:32min
  • PI-19 Linear-6 The ColorCalibration process for accurate color balance. PixInsight's 'agnostic' color philosophy and three calibration modes are covered. 5:37min
  • PI-20 Linear-7 The Deconvolution Process is covered- the Regularized Richardson-Lucy algorithm, PSF tabs, ideal Iterations, Deringing, and Wavelet Regularization. 8:13min
  • PI-21 Linear-8 The Deconvolution Process continued. The External PSF tab, Dynamic PSF, StarMask deringing support image, Range Masks, and some recommended settings. 8:32min
  • PI-22 Wrap-Up Final thoughts and recommendations. Topics to be covered in PixInsight Part-2, and what can be expected in PixInsight's future. 5:12min

Sample Video

This is a sample video from PixInsight Part-1, Primer-1 to give you a flavour of what the DVDs are like. 


'...Warren's warm, conversational style pairs well with the comprehensive skill set offered by the all-star team of both he and Rogelio... This series is certain to unlock processing mysteries for new and seasoned astrophotographers alike.'

Joseph DePasquale | Science Imager
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Chandra X-ray Center

Disclaimer: The Chandra X-ray Center and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics do not endorse any particular vendor's products.


'IP4AP's PixInsight tutorials are a must-see for anyone opening up the PI toolbox. I highly recommend this series. You will not only climb the PI learning curve, but enjoy it at the same time!'

Ken Crawford, President
Advanced Imaging Conference, Inc


'Despite using PixInsight for three years and achieving major milestones in my processing, I've found IP4AP's series to be wonderfully helpful. Warren's clear scripting combined with Rogelio's expertise truly illuminate the complex parameters of PI's powerful functions. These tutorials have already significantly improved my workflow, and I can't wait for each new release!'

Josh Lake- Winner 2012 Hubble's Hidden Treasures image processing contest
Pomfret School Observatory Director, Pomfret, CT




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