Warren Keller Image Processing for Astrophotography PixInsight Part-2

Warren Keller Image Processing for Astrophotography PixInsight Part-2

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Model:  WK-IP4AP-PIP2
Part Number:  WK-IP4AP-PIP2

"For a modest cost, they helped me build my PI repertoire and improve my images. In the context of paying thousands of dollars for equipment, computers, and software, IP4AP’s tutorials provide outstanding value for the money. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about harnessing PixInsight’s vast capabilities to make beautiful space photos."  Dr. Ron Brecher​ - Astronomy Magazine

Warren Keller joins forces with PixInsight expert, Rogelio Bernal Andreo to bring you a new series of DVD tutorials focused entirely on the astro-image processing software, PixInsight.

PixInsight is the brainchild of Juan Conejero, a Spanish software developer who has led Vicent Peris and the 'PTeam' since 2004 in PI's development. If you're new to image processing, PixInsight is a very powerful and much less expensive alternative to Photoshop. New modules are being added all the time, eliminating the need for astro-specific, 3rd-party plugins as with Photoshop. Because it was specifically designed for Astrophotography, it has definite advantages over Adobe CS and we can see a time in the near future when its postprocessing abilities will surpass Photoshop in many areas.

In Part-2 of the series, we'll perform permanent, nonlinear stretches, reduce noise, develop amazing detail, and perform many other enhancements using the power of multiscale wavelets transformations.

Table of Contents

  • PI-0 Introduction to PixInsight Part-2. PI version 1.8 'Ripley', changes to the Camtasia Video Player. 3:15min
  • PI-1 Linear-1 Noise reduction in the linear state. Introduction to Wavelets, the ExtractWaveletLayers script and the ATrousWaveletTransform process are introduced. 5:48min
  • PI-2 Linear-2 Noise reduction in the linear state continues with the ATrousWaveletTransform process. PixelMath is introduced. 5:49min
  • PI-3 Linear-3 The essentials of Nonlinear Stretching. The DigitalDevelopment process is detailed. 5:15min
  • PI-4 Linear-4 IntensityTransformations. Nonlinear stretching continues with the AutoHistogram and AdaptiveStretch processes. 5:58min
  • PI-5 Linear-5 IntensityTransformations continue with more on AdaptiveStretch, and the HistogramTransformation process is introduced. 7:02min
  • PI-6 Linear-6 IntensityTransformations continue with more on the very powerful HistogramTransformation- PI's primary tool for nonlinear stretching. 6:57min
  • PI-7 Nonlinear-1 IntensityTransformations continue with the CurvesTransformation process, and LocalHistogramEqualization is introduced. 6:00min
  • PI-8 Nonlinear-2 IntensityTransformations continue with LocalHistogramEqualization. The ExponentialTransformation process is also introduced. 6:28min
  • PI-9 Nonlinear-3 Latest 1.8 Ripley revision, L* correction w/ LinearFit, ChannelExtraction, and ChannelCombination, LRGBCombination of monochromatic Luminance and Chrominance, Chrominance Noise Reduction 7:03min
  • PI-10 Nonlinear-4 Noise Reduction with the MultiscaleMedianTransform and Adaptive Contrast-Driven Noise Reduction (ACDNR) processes are detailed. 6:59min
  • PI-11 Nonlinear-5 Noise Reduction continues with ACDNR. Edge and Star Protection, and the Lightness Mask are covered. 4:40min
  • PI-12 Nonlinear-6 Noise Reduction with ACDNR continues. GREYCstoration and the brand new TGVDenoise are introduced. 4:37min
  • PI-13 Nonlinear-7 The new TGVDenoise process is profiled. 7:31min
  • PI-14 Nonlinear-8 Noise Reduction tools are wrapped up with SCNR. 3:22min 
  • PI-15 Nonlinear-9 The HDRMultiscaleTransform process is profiled. Compress images with higher dynamic ranges and develop amazing detail with the push of a button! 5:38min
  • PI-16 Nonlinear-10 Both the GradientHDRCompression process, and the DarkStructureEnhance script are profiled. 6:54min
  • PI-17 Nonlinear-11 ATrousWavelet and MultiscaleMedian transforms for sharpening and enhancement are profiled. The UnsharpMask process is introduced. 5:10min
  • PI-18 Nonlinear-12 We continue with layer-based sharpening and enhancement using ATrousWavelet and MultiscaleMedian transforms. 4:16min
  • PI-19 Nonlinear-13 The UnsharpMask process for image enhancement is detailed. Also demonstrated is the Annotation text tool. 5:02min
  • PI-20 Nonlinear-14 Painting continues with the CloneStamp process for repair and alteration of images and masks. 5:17min
  • PI-21 Nonlinear-15 The MorphologicalTransformation process is introduced for the improvement of stars. 4:03min
  • PI-22 Nonlinear-16 Introduces the ColorSaturation process for selective color adjustments, and digs deeper into CurvesTransformation's Saturation channel. 5:17min
  • PI-23 Nonlinear 17 Color Profiling- The ICCProfileTransformation process is introduced for converting aRGB to the sRGB color space. The ColorManagementSetup is also reviewed. 3:40min
  • PI-24 Nonlinear-18 The Resample process for resizing images is profiled. Also covered is the Save As dialog for altering file format and bit-depth. 6:02min
  • PI-25 Addendum-1 Featured are the STF's new Boosted Stretch, and the exciting, new MaskedStretch process. 6:51min
  • PI-26 Addendum-2 The DynamicAlignment, and Blink processes are detailed. Also covered is an alternate way to open the program. 5:42min
  • PI-27 Wrap-Up We look ahead to Part-3 of the PixInsight Series from IP4AP.com. 2:36min
  • Bonus Sample Project - PI Project for you to experiment with!

Sample Video

This is a sample video from PixInsight Part-2, Primer-7 to give you a flavour of what the DVDs are like. 


'...Warren's warm, conversational style pairs well with the comprehensive skill set offered by the all-star team of both he and Rogelio... This series is certain to unlock processing mysteries for new and seasoned astrophotographers alike.'

Joseph DePasquale | Science Imager
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Chandra X-ray Center

Disclaimer: The Chandra X-ray Center and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics do not endorse any particular vendor's products.


'IP4AP's PixInsight tutorials are a must-see for anyone opening up the PI toolbox. I highly recommend this series. You will not only climb the PI learning curve, but enjoy it at the same time!'

Ken Crawford, President
Advanced Imaging Conference, Inc


'Despite using PixInsight for three years and achieving major milestones in my processing, I've found IP4AP's series to be wonderfully helpful. Warren's clear scripting combined with Rogelio's expertise truly illuminate the complex parameters of PI's powerful functions. These tutorials have already significantly improved my workflow, and I can't wait for each new release!'

Josh Lake- Winner 2012 Hubble's Hidden Treasures image processing contest
Pomfret School Observatory Director, Pomfret, CT




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