Baader Solar Continuum Filter

Baader Solar Continuum Filter

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Model:  bsolconti-1
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The new Baader Solar Continuum filter is designed to enhance the visibility of solar granulation and sunspot details.  By transmitting a specific spectral region around 540nm, free of emission and absorption lines, the Solar Continuum filter is able to boost contrast and reduce the effects of atmospheric turbulence.   With the Solar Continuum filter in place, images snap to focus, and granulation becomes regularly visible.  Details at the limit of visibility become easier to hold, and image motion reduced.

The Solar Continuum filter works well in all types of telescopes, for both visual and imaging.  Users of SCTs and achromatic refractors will find it particularly beneficial, as it completely excludes the red and blue wavelengths, and centers on the peak visual wavelengths where the telescope optics are sharpest and free from chromatic aberrations.  For digital imaging, we also recommend the Continuum filter be combined with the UV-IR Cut filter (to completely cut the defocused far infrared wavelengths). 

IMPORTANT The Solar Continuum Filter MUST only be used in conjunction with the recommended SOLAR FILTER for your telescope. Failure to do so will result in serious eye damage or blindness.

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Solar Continuum Filter
Thursday, 30 September 2021  | 

Several months ago I purchased a 90mm F/5.5 Achromatic refractor mainly for travel but also for white light solar observing. Reading the information on this filter is states that it is good for improving the view using this type of telescope - hence the purchase.

I observed yesterday when we had a number of sunspots. I can state that the view was an improvement over the non filter with the sunspots being very sharp and detailed. In addition I could observe Faculae close to the limb.

So anyone using an Achromatic will IMHO have an improved view of the solar surface. Usual excellent service from FLO including the Astrozap filter they also supplied

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Great for solar imaging
Friday, 18 June 2021  | 

I'm not sure if there is much difference for visual observation compared to a normal green filter, but for imaging it seems to bring out a lot more details. It brings out surface structure and sunspot detail. There's no reason to get the 2 inch version; 1.25 inch is big enough for any use I can think of.

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Baader Solar Continuum Filter
Saturday, 22 May 2021  | 

Had one of these ages ago for use with a Hershel Wedge and the improvement in contrast was VERY noticeable. Visibility of granulation, faculae and sunspots is increased tremendously. I am now using it with a DIY white light filter made from Baader AstroSolar film and the results are the same. For white light viewing I think this filter is a must have item. Obviously introduces a green tint to the solar disc, but I quite like that.

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Nice but nothing worth its price.
Thursday, 24 December 2020  | 

This filter delivers greenish images of the Sun, enhancing contrast and making Sun granulation more visible, when paired with a white light solar filter.

All in all Iím satisfied though I believe itís Tom expensive for what it is.

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Good Value Purchase
Saturday, 21 April 2018  | 

So I will admit straight up I am pretty much a solar-only observer and have been observing the Sun for more than 25 years in one way or another. So you might think this was an obvious purchase for me. In reality I pondered over this one for a long time as all the reviews and feedback I had read / heard were that the improvements bought about by this filter were subtle at best. Eventually I bit the bullet and went for it and I am very glad that I did. For the casual observer the benefits of this filter may be more difficult to spot but for me the improvement bought about over the #58 green filter I was using previously are marked and at times quite stark. It does take a few sessions to get used to the very green colour of the filter but eventually this just becomes normal. The view through my Lunt 1.25" Wedge / ES 11mm eyepiece and this filter is full of detail. Even now when the sun is so quiet there is evidence of granulation across the whole diameter of the disk. I haven' had much opportunity to image with it yet but what I have done has demonstrated to me that this was a good value purchase.
In summary, if you are a discerning solar observer then this filter should be on your shopping list. If you are an occasional / casual solar observer you might want to stick with a #58 / #56 or similar unless you are desperate to spend the cash!

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Lights out
Tuesday, 17 May 2011  | 

It gives nice juicy green views of the Sun (with the solar filter on the scope). However it's good not only on the Sun. It's also good for Moon viewing (if you don't like red filters, or ND/polarising). It will also improve contrast at dusk or dawn or on brighter planets like Jupiter quite nicely.


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