Daystar White Light Universal Solar Filters

Daystar White Light Universal Solar Filters

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About this product

Model:  ds_ulf_50
Part Number:  ULF-50

White Light Solar film from Thousand Oaks incorporated into a convenient mounting format to install onto a camera lens or small telescope; with easily foldable card with spring-folded fins to hold onto your camera lens or telescope.

Available in the following sizes:

50mm - fits over outside diameters of 50-69mm.

70mm - fits over outside diameters of 65mm - 80mm.

90mm - fits most 80-90mm telescopes with outside diameters of 90-109mm.

With a white-light solar filter the Sun appears in its real colour - neutral white.  Many other films and most glass filters produce a blurry bluish or reddish Solar image, thereby cutting part of the spectrum. Especially with an orange sun, it is very hard to see faculae regions which are visible predominantly in the blue wing of the spectrum.

Eye safety

These filters cut 99.999% of all light and are safe to use for looking at the Sun and are compliant with ISO 12312-2 standards.

Important:  Never view the Sun without a suitable Solar Filter!  Solar observing is dangerous and can be hazardous to eyesight. Safety is everyone’s responsibility - please read the safety notes supplied with the product carefully. 

This product uses Thousand Oaks Density 5 Solar film and is manufactured and packaged for use as a camera, lens or telescope accessory and is not intended for use as eyewear.

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Not safe
31 May 2021  | 

Although the solar film works as it should, the cardboard construction of this item, which relies on folded tabs to hold it on the the telescope, makes it remaining safely fixed unreliable, especially if there is any sort of wind. This is particularly so if the diameter of the dew shield is at the minimum the filter is designed for, in my case 90mm. As that increases, the fit is likely to get tighter, so the risk of it coming off while in use will diminish. That is not a risk I am willing to take.


Please be assured the 'Thousand Oaks' solar filter material used in Daystar White Light Universal Solar Filters is safe.
If you are concerned the filter might fall off then we recommend using tape to secure it in place.
Consider also Astrozap solar filters. They are more expensive but feature a metal frame with clamp screws.

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Daystar solar filter
06 February 2021  | 

Great entry level filter. Easy to assemble and fit. I bought one and fitted over a monocular. Great images of the sun.


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