IDAS UHB-RS Solar Filter

IDAS UHB-RS Solar Filter


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Model:  idas-uhbd-52mm
Part Number:  UHBD52-52
Brand:  IDAS


The BEST white light solar filter.  

IDAS UHB-RS (UV/heat blocking, reflection suppression) solar filters are specifically designed to address the problem of internal reflections and scattering which occur inside even high-quality camera lenses and telescopes. Rather than providing a mirrored internal surface, these filters are treated for suppression of reflections within the filter (1/10,000 reduction) as well as internally reflected light coming back towards the filter from the imaging sensor and lens elements.

IDAS solar filters are high-quality (manufactured in Japan) glass filters designed for safe* (high UV and IR rejection) visual and photographic use with the following specifications:

  • Optical density: ND5.2 (1/160,000x)
  • Balanced (neutral) color rendition
  • Sizes: 52mm and 82mm
  • Safe for all-day viewing
* Filters must be placed in front of telescope or camera objective.

There are currently no specifications available for this product.

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