Masuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese Eyepieces
 Masuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese EyepiecesMasuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese Eyepieces 

Masuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese Eyepieces

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Model:  masuyama_2inch_ep_45mm
Part Number:  MOP-45

Legendary Japanese Masuyama eyepieces are back!

The ultra-premium Masuyama eyepieces have near mythical status and are highly regarded and sought after but haven't been available to buy since the 1980's. Now back in production with the same five-element modified Plossl design designed by the well regarded optician Dr Masuyama but updated with modern glass and multi-coatings.

The removable rubber grips makes these ideal for use in bino-viewers.

On the 2 inch versions long eye-relief makes this comfortable to use for eye-glass wearers:

  • 10mm / 85º :  Approximately 6.5mm eye-relief.
  • 16mm / 85º :  Approximately 10mm eye-relief.
  • 20mm / 85º :  Approximately 12.5mm eye-relief.
  • 26mm / 85º :  Approximately 16mm eye-relief. 
  • 32mm / 85º :  Approximately 20mm eye-relief
  • 45mm / 53º :  Approximately 32mm eye-relief
  • 50mm / 53º :  Approximately 40mm eye-relief
  • 60mm / 46º :  Approximately 46.5mm eye-relief


  • Fully multi-coated
  • Removable rubber grip (65mm wide with grip, 60mm with grip removed)
  • Smooth barrel
  • Long eye-relief suitable for eye-glass wearers
  • Five element, three group optical design
  • 2" Threaded for 2" filters. 1.25" threaded for 1.25" filters.
  • Made in Japan

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