Paton Hawksley Pocket Spectroscope
 Paton Hawksley Pocket SpectroscopePaton Hawksley Pocket Spectroscope 

Paton Hawksley Pocket Spectroscope

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Model:  phel_te31
Part Number:  TE310

A compact lightweight spectroscope for personal use by gemologists and scientists working in the field.

Uses include:

Spectrum from a fluorescent bulb.

Gemstone analysis.

Flame test in chemical analysis.

Absorption spectra through liquids. 


  • High quality optical components ensure that absorption bands show up clearly - even weak bands that are sometimes difficult to detect.
  • The spectrum is generated by a particularly bright transmission diffraction grating of 600 lines/mm.
  • Fixed construction - no need for adjustment.
  • Robust assembly to withstand years of use.
  • Pocket Size: 55mm x 12.5mm.
  • Boxed Weight: 30g.
  • Supplied in protective rigid box.

IMPORTANT: Do not use to observe the Sun directly. Doing so can be very dangerous. You can however observe blue sky though the spectroscope and will see Fraunhofer lines. 

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