Shelyak Alpy 600 Spectrograph
Shelyak Alpy 600 SpectrographShelyak Alpy 600 SpectrographShelyak Alpy 600 Spectrograph

Shelyak Alpy 600 Spectrograph

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Model:  shelyak_alpy_600
Part Number:  PF0035

The Alpy 600 is ideal for starting in astronomical spectroscopy and for making high-quality observations.

The Alpy 600 and the Demetra software (specially developed for the Alpy 600) will allow you to create spectrums of high scientific quality.
The Alpy 600 opens the doors of astrophysics: explore the different types of objects in the sky (stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets, comets, etc.), compare the various spectral types, observe the absorption lines and show and watch evolving variable stars from day to day - the possibilities are endless.
The Alpy 600 is a slit spectroscope, compact (only a few cm long), powerful, modular, and easy to implement. These characteristics make it the ideal instrument to start astronomical spectroscopy, but the Alpy is much more than a starter instrument. It is a true scientific instrument designed to accompany your progress in Spectroscopy for a long time.
It's resolving power (R = 600) allows the Alpy to cover the entire visible range and even a little more (typically from 375nm in the near UV to 750nm in the near IR). You will see many details in the spectral profile. The resolution is 1nm. The dispersing element is a grism, that is to say, the combination of a prism and a diffraction grating (600t / mm).
The slot is used to isolate a fringe of the light source. This brings several advantages: we isolate the object we want to observe, we can work on extended objects (nebulae, planets), and we can make calibration spectra. Thanks to the slot, the spectrum quality obtained becomes independent of observation conditions (seeing, telescope tracking problems, etc.). The Alpy 600 comes with several interchangeable slots to cover many observation situations.
The compactness and lightness of the Alpy 600 make it compatible with small instruments (telescopes from 80mm diameter) on modest mountings. You will access faint objects within a few minutes (even seconds) of installation.
The optics of the Alpy 600 have been specially designed to give the best image quality, over the entire visible range, with a large aperture (F/4). You will be surprised how much information can be extracted from such a small spectroscope! This quality is such that many scientific publications rely on observations with the Alpy 600.
The Alpy 600 is robust, insensitive to temperature variations, and requires little adjustment. This makes it an easy-to-use spectroscope for fast, dramatic results. Exploitation is further simplified thanks to the free software Demetra provided. It is software that accompanies your observations from the acquisition to data reduction.
The Alpy 600 is modular, i.e. it can be used in different ways. The possible configurations are numerous in visual (day), with a Digital Camera (APN), with a CCD camera, on a table or behind a telescope.
Two optional modules can supplement the Alpy 600: the Guidance and Calibration Modules. The function of the guidance module is to visualise the field observed by the telescope and thus select and follow the star you want to observe. The calibration module allows you to make spectra of flats, and a calibration lamp (Argon-Neon), to make a fast wavelength calibration of your spectra.
You can operate your Alpy 600 from spectral acquisition to data reduction with the Demetra software. Demetra is available for free.
We recommend the following CCD Cameras for spectral acquisition with the Alpy 600, but any camera with a sensor over 14mm in length and a mechanical draw that 20mm maximum will do.
Please contact us for advice regarding cameras suitable for spectroscopy. 


  • Resolution power: R ~ 600 (resolution around 1nm) for 25μm slit
  • opening: F / 4
  • multi-position slots: 25μm hole; slots 25μm, 50μm, 100μm, 300μm (tolerance 5μm); 3mm hole.
  • slot length: 3mm.
  • light weight: 200g
  • compact: 65mm long for a diameter of 45mm
  • adaptation telescope flowing 31.75mm or thread M42x.075 f with mechanical draft or back-focus (distance between the edge of the adapter 31.75mm and the slot): 3.8mm
  • camera mount acquisition M42x.075, mechanical draw: 10.5-21mm

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