Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph

Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph

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A reference instrument

The Lhires III spectroscope is the "historical" instrument of Shelyak Instruments. Designed after the School of Astrophysics CNRS in 2003 for the observation of stars Be,it has since found many other applications.

Resolution & spectral domain

With a resolving power of R = 17,000, it provides access to Doppler velocity measurements, as well as incredible detail in the profile of a spectral line. 
The diffraction grating delivered as standard contains 2400 lines / mm, which gives full resolution. It can be replaced by a variety of other gratings to access other resolutions - making the Lhires III a versatile instrument. It is possible to adapt your resolution to your project. Dimmer targets are then available: Novae, bright comets etc.

The spectral range covered is of the order of ten nanometers,  but you can select any wavelength in the visible range (400-750nm), thanks to a micrometric stop .

Many educational projects around the Doppler effect are now possible, such as the rotation of Jupiter or Saturn.


The F / 10 aperture makes it particularly suitable for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. But it can also be mounted on other instruments (by adding a Barlow lens).

Guiding system

Thanks to its reflective slot, the Lhires III makes it possible to position and maintain the target star in the slot precisely. A guide camera (not supplied) allows the user to control the movements of the telescope via autoguiding and ensure optimal observation.

Interchangeable slot

The interchangeable slot supplied as standard (15-19-23-35μm) makes it possible to adapt the instrument to all observational situations, giving priority to resolution or brightness. Other slots are also available as an option ( wide slots , photometric slots ), to further expand the possibilities.

Mechanical interfaces

The Lhires III comes with a telescope interface for a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. If you want to adapt it to a 50.8mm (two-inch) eyepiece holder, use the optional 50.8mm (2") adaptor.

The CCD adapter supplied as standard is for  ATIK cameras. (Mechanical pull - or backfocus - 13mm). Shelyak offer a wide selection of adapter rings to enable the use of other CCD Cameras.

The guide camera port is a C Mount.

Go further with the Lhires III

Beyond the knowledge that Lhires III can bring you in the field of astrophysics, it is also a tool for collaboration between amateur and professional astronomers: study of Be-type stars, followed by variable stars, etc. many scientific publications have been made on the basis of observations with a Lhires III.

The support of a very large community

The Lhires III is widely used around the world and you can find many examples of use as well as tips on the Spectro-L mailing list:  or still on the spectroscopy forum:  ARAS


  • resolving power R ~ 17000 (with slit of 23 μm) 
    Dispersion of 0.012nm (9μm pixels, around Hα)
  • Opening F / 10
  • Littrow type architecture
  • Adapter rings for different types of detectors: CCD cameras, Digital Photographic Cameras, etc.
  • Reflective slot for precise guidance (4 positions 15/19/23/35 μm).
  • slot length 8 mm
  • wavelength selected by micrometer throughout the visible range (400-700 nm)
  • integrated wavelength ( argon/neon) calibration lamp
  • integrated tungsten lamp for flats
  • motorized calibration lamps for remote use
  • Schmidt-Cassegrain adapter (2 ") as standard, mechanical pull 68.5 mm,
  • C-mount guide port with two lenses (focal ratio: 0.8x), mechanical pull 17.5 mm guide camera
  • T-mount acquisition port , mechanical draw up to 55 mm (APN compatible)
  • Interchangeable network module (2400 t / mm as standard)
  • Lightweight: 1.7kg
  • Compact: 250mm x 200mm x 83mm
  • Comes in a hard case, with a focuser and a set of tools.

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