Shelyak Lisa (Visible Domain)

Shelyak Lisa (Visible Domain)

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LISA is the High Brightness spectroscope ideal for faint objects: novae & supernovae, planetary nebulae, comets, symbiotic stars, cataclysmic variables, galaxies.

A high brightness instrument

The LISA spectroscope is particularly dedicated to the spectroscopy of faint objects such as comets, novaes, supernovae, weak variable stars, the redshift of distant galaxies or quasars or the confirmation of planetary nebulae. Its optical design has been particularly designed for the observation of these types of objects.

Its calibration module (optional) makes calibration very easy thanks to an Argon / Neon lamp that provides a large number of lines in transmission over the entire spectral range of LISA. This same module is equipped with a Tungsten lamp to make flats.

A wide spectral domain

With a resolving power R = 1000 with a slit of 23 μm, its spectral range covers the entire visible range between 400 and 700 nm, or even overflows on near UV and near IR. 

The near infra-red version provides spectra between 650 and 1000 nm.


The opening of the LISA f / 5 makes it particularly suitable for weak objects, it can be installed on most telescopes with a native focal ratio of F5 but it can also be installed on any type of telescope IE Schmidt Cassegrain or Ritchey Chretien using a focal reducer for to reduce the native focal length of this kind of telescope close to 5.

Guiding system

Thanks to its reflective slot, the Lisa allow the user  to position and hold the target in the slot with precision. A guide camera (not supplied) allows you to autoguide telescope and ensure optimal observation.

Interchangeable slot

The interchangeable slot supplied as standard (15-19-23-35μm) makes it possible to adapt the instrument to all observational situations, giving priority to resolution or brightness. Other slots are also available to further expand the possibilities.

Mechanical interfaces

The LISA is delivered with a 2 "adaptor ring  This adaptor can be removed to leave room for a thread M42x0,75mm (T2 or "T-mount"). For mounting on a classic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (2 "thread), you will need the BA0027 variable . T - adapter .

The interface with the acquisition camera is also M42x0,75mm (T2 or "T-mount") with a back focus distance of 54,9 mm, the guide camera adaptor is C mount C with a back focus distance of 17,5 mm . 

A range of CCD Camera adaptors is available.

Go even further with LISA

Beyond the knowledge that LISA can bring you in the field of astrophysics, it is also a tool for collaboration between amateur and professional astronomers: study of nova, supernovae, comets, symbiotic stars, confirmation of planetary nebulae ... many scientific publications have been made on the basis of observations with a LISA

Note: Cameras and telescope shown in photo are not included smiley

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