Shelyak PF0074  UVEX Motors

Shelyak PF0074 UVEX Motors

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Model:  shelya_pf0074
Part Number:  PF0074

The Shelyak UVEX can now be motorised, so can be used remotely.

Select the central wavelength of your spectra, and fine tune the focusing.

Calibration module control included:
The UVEX Motors module includes the control of the (external) calibration module (this is the same feature as SPOX module). Therefore you can take your darks, flats and calibration frames.

DEMETRA software remote version :
The UVEX Motors is accompanied by a new version of Demetra:

  • Calibration “by setting line”: We calculate once the dispersion law, and we can shift it based on one given line (useful for UVEX when too few reference lines are available, specially at UV and IR extremes),
  • The management of the Motors module,
  • Image sequences, to pipe several series of images,
  • Taking into account CMOS cameras (by the CMED correction step).

If you don’t use DEMETRA? Don’t panic, Shelyak has thought of you! They provide a small piece of software (called USIS Controller) to control the UVEX from your computer. USIS-controller.

And if you need to deeply integrate the UVEX control in your software environment, Shelyak have published the communication protocol between the computer and the UVEX Motors module. This is the USIS protocol.

Cable to control the calibration module.

Not included:
Power supply 12V / 1A
USB 2 cable linking motorisation to the computer.


  • Motorised grating: select the central wavelength you want to observe.
  • Motorised focus: fine tune the UVEX focus position, to get the best optical quality.
  • Calibration module: control light source, through the (external) calibration module. You can switch between Sky, Dark, Flat and Calibration.
  • Dimensions (UVEX + Motors module, w/o cameras): 153 x 154 mm Height: 133 mm
  • Weight: 1.46 Kg (w/o camera)


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