Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro Pack
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro PackSky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro PackSky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro Pack
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro PackSky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro PackSky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro Pack

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Pro Pack

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About this product

Model:  skyw_star_adv_astro_bundle
Part Number:  50211

Now features WiFi

The Skywatcher Star Adventurer provides an excellent route into astrophotography for those using DSLR cameras with wide-field and medium focal length DSLR lenses. It's ease of use and aircraft-friendly size will also appeal to those wanting to travel to dark-sky locations. 

Provides various combinations to satisfy your grab-&-go portable astrophotography needs. It is a precise, portable and stable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. 

The Star Adventurer Pro Pack (formerly known as 'Astro-Photo Bundle') includes the Star Adventurer Mount, Ball Head Adapter, Illuminated Polar Scope, Dovetail L-Bracket, Equatorial Wedge and Counterweight Shaft with 1kg Counterweight.

An optional camera shutter release cable is available separately for many popular camera models/brands.

The Star Adventurer can attach to any standard tripod via its ¼” or 3/8” adapters. The latitude can be set by either adjusting the tilt of your tripod head to match your latitude or more accurately by using the includd Equatorial Wedge. To fit a camera to the Star Adventurer, either a tripod Ball Head is required (not supplied) or the included Dovetail L-Bracket. The Dovetail L-Bracket used in conjunction with the counterweight shaft/counterweight also allows small telescopes (e.g. Skymax-90), with a ¼-20 tripod fitting, to be used with the Star Adventurer. A small telescope and camera (using a ball head, not supplied) can be mounted simultaneously on the Dovetail L-bracket. Using just the dovetail bar from the Dovetail L-Bracket, two cameras can be mounted at the same time using two tripod ball heads (not supplied). 

Please Note: Our Star Adventurers have new green/white livery as shown above, not the older red colour shown below in our 360-degree image. 

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  • Tracking rate selectable between Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
  • Built in polar scope with illuminator
  • DSLR interface for automatic electronic shutter control
  • Built-in auto-guiding interface for single-axis auto guiding
  • Low power consumption
  • External Mini USB power support
  • Compatible with 3/8" and 1/4" camera tripod thread
  • Free firmware upgrades
  • Maximum payload at 5kg Specifications
  • Mount Type Ultra compact equatorial tracking platform
  • Motor Drive DC Servo
  • Power Supply 4xAA battery: DC 3.6V~6.5V
  • External power supply DC 5V
  • Payload Capacity 5kg (11 lb)
  • Tracking Modes Sidereal, Solar or Lunar tracking rate for both North & South hemispheres.

Quick Setup Guide

What's in the box

  • Star Adventurer Mount
  • Ball Head Adapter
  • Illuminated Polar Scope
  • Dovetail L-Bracket
  • Equatorial Wedge
  • Counterweight Shaft
  • 1kg Counterweight

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer (PDF)

Customer reviews

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Excellent service and a great star tracker
Tuesday, 30 November 2021  | 

Great little star tracker, I reviewed the first Star Adventurer and still have it but decided I needed another so why not upgrade to the latest version!

Rating (max 5):  
It came with clouds lol
Thursday, 18 November 2021  | 

Been wanting one of these for a while, so tool the plunge. I haven't been disappointed yet. But here in Scotland we seem to have lots of clouds after I bought this hmm. It easy to set up and use. Use good quality batteries in it so you get most time out of your tracking. Only used a small camera lens so for once I've used it more and failed the polar alignment then I'll get the big lens out. Very fast delivery and was notified at every stage. You cant ask for better service than that

Rating (max 5):  
Buy it
Thursday, 21 October 2021  | 

I just bought this it is very easy to use and set up the SynScan App has loads of features you can set different speeds on the tracker its very handy to have.

Rating (max 5):  
Portable and easy to use.
Monday, 19 July 2021  | 

I have only been able to use the mount once so far and there was loads of light pollution so my exposures were limited to 60 seconds. I hiked for a couple of kilometres with the mount attached to the tripod and it was not a problem to carry. I was able to polar align and set up in minutes. I used an Olympus OM1 mkii with an 85mm lens. I didn't use the counter weight just attached a ball head and the camera. I had no trailing on any of the shots. I am looking for to putting in my luggage and taking it to Italy soon.

Rating (max 5):  
Excellent Bit of Kit
Saturday, 9 January 2021  | 

Absolutely stellar (badum tsh) piece of equipment.
A few little gripes - the polar illuminator (really, they couldn't have just built an led in?) and the DEC clutch was locked tight and needed some "minor" disassembly to work as a friction clutch should (joking aside I think it took about ten minutes, some assembler had overtightended a lock ring, VERY easy to rectify) . But for the price and once running it's a cracking piece of equipment. I've had four good nights out so far and happily getting pin sharp 60s subs unguided at a focal length of 200mm. The worst I've got to say about it is the wedge clutch could do with another shim, it shifts sideways a bit on latitude adjustment, but if you do LAT then sideways it's easily solveable. The main and big deal is the clock drive and that is pin sharp and pleasantly sips rather than guzzles battery. Add to that the fantastic service from FLO and speed of delivery considering the worlds ongoing madness and it's hard to think there's a better option in this price bracket.

Rating (max 5):  
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer pro
Tuesday, 29 December 2020  | 

Really surprised, but extremely happy to get this just before Christmas because of the covid restrictions and Christmas delivery schedules in general. The adventurer is well made apart from the polar scope illuminator which is cheap and flimsy which is a shame as everything else is such good quality. I found polar alignment easy after watching demos on you tube. Unfortunately just before my target was high enough in the sky to begin putting the adventurer to work thick clouds rolled in and so I had to pack up for the night. How wonderful to have a tracking unit that is so portable and easy to pick up in one go rather than the bigger Goto mount I have. Excellent service from FLO as always, no need to go anywhere else for astronomy gear.

Rating (max 5):  
My first star tracker
Wednesday, 18 November 2020  | 

After much research I decided to go with the Star Adventurer instead of the ioptron sky guider and I love it! I have been using it since late September and only had to change batteries after no less than 10 nights (3-4hr sessions each).

It comes at a great package (it would be awesome if it included a soft carry case but at this price you can't have it all) and I still use it to carry it around.

You should carefully read the manual about how you can align the polar scope because if you decide to go and start playing around with the allen key like I did, you are going to mess it up and will have to unscrew the polar scope and set it up back together which is not a fun procedure.

To sum things up, this is a great product and if you are looking for a reliable star tracker the Star Adventurer is the best value for money option you can get.

Rating (max 5):  
SW star adventurer
Thursday, 12 November 2020  | 

Due to high demand I had to wait a few weeks, but it was more than worth it! Nice product, easy to assemble and up and running in few minutes. The FLO service was also very good, quick response to my question. I would definitely recommend both!

Rating (max 5):  
Great job
Tuesday, 10 November 2020  | 

Finally after 2 1/2 months I have received my SA Pro package - thank you FLO for sending the new 2i WIFI verison

Fast delivery - from FLO deposits - one week - cannto balme FLO for the other delays as the product was backordered all over the world

Thank you !

Rating (max 5):  
An excellent tracker
Tuesday, 6 October 2020  | 

Easy to use/setup, fairly portable and great value for money from FLO. Delivery was quick enough and just within the suggested time-frame, this was my first purchase from FLO. I had made contact about estimated delivery and it was shipped that day, coincidence perhaps but really great communication from FLO.

I would highly recommend adding the Star Adventurer Tripod to the order or ordering one separately at a later date. I found the SA to be just too top heavy for my camera tripod (sturdy K&F Concept). Images, especially long exposures just had that little bit of star trails when zoomed in which is more noticeable when stacked.

There is a few things with the SA that could do with improvements. But these things FLO has no power in resolving but just be aware of them for purchase/use. For starters the polar scope illumination light is way too awkward and can really only be used well with the dovetail bar. Your ballhead will block the hole. When it is attached the slightness touch or bit of wind will dislodge it from the dovetail bar as it is attached in 2 plastic parts, this will mean you have a high probability of it being lost. Best thing to do is take it off when polar alignment is done and reattach periodically to check polar alignment. This polar light should really be made into the SA rather than an attachment as the low battery use for the LED is not really going to impact on battery life, which is a cmos battery. The battery life is really good on the SA but the battery door will annoy you; placing a rubber band under the battery door will fix this issue! It is disappointing that this detail made it into the production of the SA as it is such an easy fix.

The dial for turning the SA on and changing settings could be a little stiffer but the packaging that the Pro version comes in is really good so when transporting should be used which negotiates that issue. the packaging could easily be transferred into a handmade wooden box or box of similar size. But the cardboard box would be adequate for home use.

Everything else about the SA I've had a really positive experience with, so stop thinking about getting one and just get one!

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