Jscope 80-S 80mm f/7 Refractor

Jscope 80-S 80mm f/7 Refractor

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Model:  jscope__80S
Part Number:  JSCOPE-80S

Jscope 80-S 80mm f/7 Refractor Telescope

The Jscope 80-S 80mm f/7 achromatic doublet is manufactured in Japan by Kubota Optical and distributed by Kasai Trading. 

Unlike the photo-visual design (which forcibly corrects wavelengths, including the G-line), Kubota has focused on correcting aberrations specifically at the main wavelengths in the visible light range. Chromatic aberration and spherical correction within the main visual wavelength range are very good.

In addition, Kubota Kogaku's careful and precise polishing technology has resulted in highly accurate and smooth optical surfaces. Thus, the Jscope 80-S exhibits a "sharp" image that completely defies the conventional wisdom of short-focus achromats.

Even at excessive magnifications of approximately 200x, there is no perceptible image distortion, and anyone looking at the clear, sharp views of planetary surfaces, such as Saturn and Jupiter, will be surprised at the quality and sharpness provided by the premium-quality objective lens.

The Optical tube features a glossy black finish and is fitted with a GSO-made 2" Crayford Focuser with 360-degree rotation. Furthermore, the focuser includes a 1:10 micro-focuser, has a long back focus distance of 145mm and a drawtube travel of 80mm.

The bottom of the optical tube is equipped with a mount pedestal with two 1/4" mounting threads (35mm hole spacing) and one 3/8" mounting thread. This enables the Jscope 80-S to be mounted directly onto a camera or video tripod and various mounting plates. Dovetail fittings can also be attached.

The telescope also features light-shielding baffles and carefully applied matte-lack interior coating, which effectively reduces stray light and significantly improves image contrast. The objective lens cell is made of thick-wall aluminium alloy. The precisely machined optical tube and robust lens cell ensure the scope holds collimation.

Those who have looked through many other telescopes will be surprised (as Kasai himself was) by this telescope's sharp image quality.

It is also suitable for deep-sky viewing at low magnifications and, when used with a 2-inch diagonal and 2-inch wide-angle eyepiece, will provide wonderful wide-field views.

A 2" to 1.25" adaptor is included to enable the use of 1.25" accessories and eyepieces. The focuser is fitted with a generic Synta/Skywatcher/Vixen-style Finderscope Shoe.

Most parts (except the focuser) are made in Japan, and all assembly is done in Japan.

With a total length of 54.5 cm and a weight of 1.8 kg, the compact and lightweight optical tube can be easily carried anywhere, allowing you to enjoy sharp views anytime.

For those looking for Japanese manufacturing and optical quality, we can highly recommend the Jscope 80-S.


Effective diameter 80mm
Focal length 560mm
Aperture ratio F7
Lens barrel diameter 83mm
Lens barrel length 545mm
Lens barrel weight 1.8kg
Focusing mechanism GSO 2"  Dual Speed Crayford Focuser with 2" to 1.25" Adapter
Eyepiece standard 2 inches - 31.7mm
Other mechanisms

Focuser 360° rotation / Standard Finderscope mounting shoe. Includes mounting shoe with  1/4" screw hole x 2 + 3/8" screw hole x 1

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