Starfield 0.8x Reducer for 2'' Focuser

Starfield 0.8x Reducer for 2" Focuser

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Model:  starfield_FFRA08_2
Part Number:  SF-FFRA08

A must for anyone imaging with a DSLR or dedicated astronomy camera.  

Suitable for use with a refractor telescope with f/5.5 and longer focal-ratio and a 2" focuser. 

The M42 connection is removable and can be replaced with an optional M48 threaded adapter for APS-C sized and smaller sensors.  

Your imaging sessions will benefit from shorter exposure and a larger field of view.  

A standard T-Ring is required.  Canon T-Rings should be 11mm, and Nikon 8.5mm.   

Includes standard M42 T thread for camera connection and 48mm filter thread for your favourite light pollution filter. 

Requires 55mm of back focus.  

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