Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel

Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel

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Model:  sx-filter-wheel-1
Part Number:  SXUFW-1T

This new USB filter from Starlight Xpress is unique in that it does not require a separate power supply when used with USB control - the high performance DC gear-motor runs entirely from the USB supply and consumes less than 100mA. It is also capable of operation from a serial input or from a switched hand controller, both of which power the wheel from a small dry battery.

Starlight Xpress Filter Wheel & OAG Review 

Light and slim with thumbscrews for quick and easy swapping of filter disks without tools.
Quiet in operation and the Hall-Effect 3-bit encoded positioning gives precise filter locations (not serially sequential) so you can easily swap between any filters without accidentally losing the wheel position.

A variety of threaded adapters are available starting with: T thread, SCT thread and Takahashi 72mm thread.

To change adapters simply use a small screwdriver to release three stainless screws then lift off the adapter flange. Each flange can be rotated to any angle before locking down so the wheel and camera can be orientated into the optimum position.

Another premium-quality product from a British manufacturer!

SX filter wheel ASCOM driver installer available HERE


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Starlight Xpress USB filter Wheel
04 May 2020  | 

Superb bit of kit. Well made, excellent drivers. just one very small improvement would be to include the ASCOM driver on the USB key.

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Watch your back focus if using the optional OAG
06 September 2018  | 

Having struggled to get a ZWO filter wheel working reliably with SGP and my ASI1600 I went for this. I already had a Lodestar X2 so I figured that a starlight express camera with a starlight express filter wheel and OAG would work fine?

It does, it works brilliantly, but, if you have a camera such as the ASI1600, which has only 6.5 mm from front face to the sensor, you have a problem, you can't get the guide cam close enough to the mirror to focus. You can't move the camera back from the filter wheel as you want as close as possible to the sensor. You only have 55mm back focus to play with on a lot of focal reducers anyway. I had to cut a large amount of the OAG stem off with a hacksaw and then put my Lodestar x2 in my lathe and cut a few mm off of the front face. That got it close enough to focus. It was a very hairy job trimming the Lodestar x2 and I wouldn't want to do it again. Anyway, relieved that everything works now as it should but I wanted to post this here as a warning to others... not everyone has a lathe to trim their guide cam in!!!

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Perfect Filter Wheel
05 November 2017  | 

Nicely done by Starlight Xpress! to get filter perfectly at center of CCD.

Thanks to Starlight Xpress for not compromising on quality at such a low price.

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A1 quality EFW
20 June 2016  | 

Have used EFW's for years and always had problems with miss-aligned filters and threads not strong enough to hold the camera and flattener properly.
This wheel gets over all those problems
1 Zero movement of ancillary equipment. Camera, reducer etc stay where you put them.
2 Precision centering of filters, flats are now correct. My old wheel could have dust bunnies off by 5px or more after rotating the filter holder.
3. Less power cables. The USB power is a great advantage.
4. So easy to change filters, takes about 5 mins. The ASCOM software accepts multiple filter configurations.
5. No external motors etc and on filter adjustment so the rotation of the camera to scope can be precisely where you want it.

Its also cheaper than my old wheel. I was worried that this would mean lower quality but its not. Just what you would expect from Starlight Express.


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