Starlight Xpress Trius SX-825 Mono
 Starlight Xpress Trius SX-825 MonoStarlight Xpress Trius SX-825 Mono 

Starlight Xpress Trius SX-825 Mono

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About this product

Model:  Trius-SX-825-Mono
Part Number:  Trius-SX-825-Mono

The Starlight Xpress Trius SX-825 offers 1,447,680 pixels of resolution. Each pixel is 6.45 x 6.45 uM in size. It features exceptionally low dark signal so no dark frames are necessary for most deep sky objects. The new 'Trius' version also adds a triple USB hub and Argon filled CCD chamber.

The rear panel of the TRIUS SX-825 provides multiple inputs and outputs, as shown. The three mini B USB sockets provide independent USB 2 outputs for controlling low power USB peripherals. For example, a Lodestar or SuperStar guider and an SX filter wheel may be connected via these ports. The RJ11 autoguider output is opto-isolated and will drive any standard active-low guider input via an RJ11 'telephone' lead.


  • High resolution 'Exview2' CCD chip, with 1,447,680 x 6.45uM pixels in a 9 x 6.7mm array.
  • Exceptionally low dark signal - No dark frames necessary for most deep sky objects.
  • Triple output powered USB hub built-in for guider and wheel control etc.
  • Dual stage high performance cooler with -55C delta T
  • Dry Argon-filled CCD chamber for efficient cooling.
  • Exceptionally effective anti-blooming with minimal effect on linearity and no lost active area.
  • Built-in very high speed USB 2.0 interface for sub-1 second downloads.
  • Exceptionally high QE over an extremely wide spectral range from near UV to deep IR.
  • Built-in autoguider interface and output - compatible with the optional dedicated external guide camera.
  • Built-in dual serial ports for accessory control - directly drive filter wheels, GOTO 'scopes etc.
  • Single USB cable control for all features - get rid of that dangerous cable tangle!
  • Only ONE computer needed to control all of the devices and functions.
  • Very low power consumption. Less than 1 amps at 12v DC.
  • Compact and lightweight - only 75mm in diameter x 70mm long - less than 400 grams load on the 'scope.
  • Back focus aprox. 17mm.

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