BuckeyeStargazer Baffle Extensions for GSO Ritchey–Chrétien (RC)
 BuckeyeStargazer Baffle Extensions for GSO Ritchey–Chrétien (RC)BuckeyeStargazer Baffle Extensions for GSO Ritchey–Chrétien (RC) 

BuckeyeStargazer Baffle Extensions for GSO Ritchey–Chrétien (RC)

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Model:  bes_gso6rc-baffle-ext
Part Number:  GSO6RC-Baffle-EXT

Version 2 printed using a carbon fibre PETG filament (stronger and less brittle than version 1). 

With some GSO Ritchey–Chrétien telescopes (StellaLyra, Orion, iOptron, Astro-Tech, Apertura, TS & others) aberrant light can reach the camera sensor, causing reflections that make it difficult to achieve sufficient flat frames.  These baffle extensions will eliminate this problem.

Note: 10" RC extension - Some users (but not all) have reported that the 10" extension will not fit through the front of the closed tube version of the telescope.  In such cases the primary mirror cell will need to be removed to access the baffle. Alternately, the secondary can be removed from the front, giving access to the baffle. 

Image with standard baffle: 

Image with baffle extension:


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Poor Product
29 November 2022  | 

Tried to fit to my 8" GSO RC. It was too large and two of the fins broke whilst I was trying to put it in place. £25 wasted.
Normally I am full of praise for FLO and their product line, but this is quite frankly rubbish.


We are sorry to hear you damaged this accessory during installation.
If you have a newer RC telescope then you may not require this baffle as GSO (the manufacturer) have updated their baffle design - this might explain why it didn't fit correctly.
If you email us some images and measurements of your scope's baffles, and the part didn't fit, we will happily do our best to help.


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