TS Light Shade for the Baffle Tube of 14'' and 16'' RC Telescopes

TS Light Shade for the Baffle Tube of 14" and 16" RC Telescopes

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Model:  ts_gsrc14-blende
Part Number:  GSRC14-Blende

The baffle tube of the GSO-made RCs (StellaLyra/TS) is very generously calculated. However, with very large sensors, scattered light can pass the secondary mirror through the baffle tube into the camera's direction. The result is a brightening of the image or, in the worst case, even curved reflections.

This light shade reduces the front diameter of the baffle tube a little and thus prevents the penetration of stray light. The contrast is increased. Nevertheless, the free opening is large enough to illuminate full-format sensors.

Installation of the shade is straightforward; it is put on the baffle tube and carefully fixed with the three grub screws. The screws only need to be tightened moderately; they only prevent the shade from falling off the baffle tube.

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