Takahashi Epsilon 180 ED f/2.8 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector

Takahashi Epsilon 180 ED f/2.8 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector

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Model:  tak_tek18010
Part Number:  TEK18010

Takahashi Epsilon 180-ED f/2.8 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector

Takahashi's high-speed Epsilon-180 ED is a super-fast astrograph telescope with a wide flat field that can be used with sensors as large as 24x36 (35mm) 6x6, and even 6x9! 

Stellar images of less 20µ can be recorded, which highlights the extreme accuracy of this telescope. 

Hyperbolic Newtonian Design

The Epsilon-180ED (D=180mm, F/2.8) is a catadioptric reflector with a hyperbolic primary that works together with a doublet field corrector (integrated into a Rack & Pinion focuser) to provide a large perfectly flat field. 

The optical tube assembly delivers an image with remarkably high contrast, even with stars located at the edge of the field.

Photographic qualities aside, the Epsilon-180ED is also an excellent choice for wide field observation. The views of stellar fields, star clusters and galaxies are spectacular.

The near-perfect field correction across the entire image circle is attested by the spot-diagram.

Coma is extremely well controlled, even in the periphery, and the doublet corrector is virtually free of chromatic aberration.


The Epsilon-180ED is mnufactured to a very high standard to compliment it's optics. The rack-and-pinion focuser has a rotary system for framing and an optional microfocuser 'MEF-1' is available.

The package version includes Tube Holder, 7x50 Finderscope and Bracket.


The procedure for collimation is less rigorous than on a Cassegrain-like optical design so collimation on a star will not be necessary. Takahashi has designed a simple collimation eyepiece designed with the Epsilon-180ED in mind. The optical axis is represented by reference marks on the 2 mirrors and the primary mirror cell is equipped with three 'double-action' collimation screws (push/pull). Moreover, the three three screws have counter-nuts that adjust the pressure under the primary mirror to minimise stresses arising from temperature change. You will be able to collimate your Epsilon-180ED during daytime, which is convenient. 


Telescope Field of View Simulator


  • Tube length: 570mm

  • Tube diameter: 232mm

  • Tube weight: 10.7 kg

System Charts



What's in the box

OTA Only Includes:

  • Epsilon 180-ED OTA

OTA Package Includes:

  • Epsilon 180-ED OTA
  • TKA00552Y Finder 7 X 50 orange
  • TKA00563B Black finder bracket
  • TKA68420S Tube holder (double) with top plate to be used with TMP02300


Spec. Epsilon-180ED
Optical design Hyperbolical Newton
Effective aperture 180mm
Primary mirror diameter 190mm
Secondary mirror (minor axis) 80mm
Focal length 500mm
Focal ratio F/2.8
Resolution 0.64"
Limiting magnitude (visual) 13.0
Light grasp 661x
Image circle 44mm (60% not vignetted)
Back focus (BFL) 56mm (from the end of the corrector)
Photographic assembly M54mm female on the corrector (for wide T-mount)

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