CQ 1.7x Extender for FS60CB and FC76DCU

CQ 1.7x Extender for FS60CB and FC76DCU

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Model:  tka_20595_cq
Part Number:  TKA20595

The 1.7x CQ Extender is designed for the FS60CB and FC76DCU Telescopes

It changes the FS-60CB to a 600mm focal length f/10 instrument and the FC76DCU Telescope to an F12.75 instrument at 969mm focal length.

This extender is compatible with any FS-60C ever made to covert it to the Q when the 1.7x module is attached. This conversion is as simple removing the white tube from the focuser, attaching the 1.7x module to the focuser and then attaching the section with the objective in it to the 1.7x module.

The in place extender, flattens the image to a 44mm circle with 96% illumination to allow imaging the Moon, planets or a solar eclipse. The larger image scale of the 60mm focal length allows prominences and the corona to be more easily seen or imaged with a digital SLR. 


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