Takahashi FC-100DF f/7.4 Doublet Fluorite APO Refractor

Takahashi FC-100DF f/7.4 Doublet Fluorite APO Refractor

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Model:  tak_tfk10110
Part Number:  TATFK10110

Takahashi FC-100DF f/7.4 Doublet Fluorite Apochromat Refractor

Essentially a Takahashi FC-D100DC fitted with a larger, stronger, Sky 90 2.7" focuser making it more suitable for deep sky imaging with the optional FC35 Focal Reducer (provides a 44mm circle and an F4.9 focal ratio).

The new Takahashi FC-100DF is fitted with a premium quality F7.4 Fluorite doublet optic that provides superb contrast, sharpness and colour correction. 

Utilises  the Steinheil design with a fluorite rear element and an eco-glass front element. 

A versatile telescope that provides wonderful views at low and high magnifications but can also be used for astrophotography. When combined with the optional FC-76 Reducer the FC-100D operates at F5.4 and delivers a fully corrected 35mm circle that is perfect for APS sized DSLR's. 

The FC-100D is surprisingly light but. like all Takahashi scopes, is very well engineered.


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What's in the box

OTA Only Includes:

  • FC-100DF OTA

OTA Package Includes:

  • FC-100DF OTA
  • TKA00551 6x30 Finder
  • TKA00562 Finder bracket
  • TKA21420 Tube holder (95mm)


FC-100DC Type Fluorite Apochromat
Aperture 100mm
Focal length 740mm
Focal ratio F/7.4
Diameter of main tube 95mm
Length of main tube 815mm (with fixed dew shield)
Weight of OTA 3.5kg
Back focus 161mm
With 76D Reducer (TKA18580)
Focal length 540mm
Focal ratio F/5.4
Image circle φ30mm
With 76D Flattener (TKA18582)
Focal length 770mm
Focal ratio F/7.7
Image circle φ35mm
With Extender-Q 1.6X (TKA00595)
Focal length 1,185mm
Focal ratio F/11.9
With Extender C2X (TKA00594)
Focal length 1,480mm
Focal ratio F/14.8
With FC35 Reducer (100DF)
Focal length 488mm
Focal ratio F4.9
Image circle φ44mm

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