Takahashi FS-60CB f/5.9 Doublet Fluorite APO Refractor
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Takahashi FS-60CB f/5.9 Doublet Fluorite APO Refractor

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Model:  tak_tsk06210
Part Number:  TSK06210

Takahashi FS-60CB f/5.9 Doublet Fluorite Apochromat Refractor

The best things come in small packages!

The Takahashi FS-60CB is a remarkably compact refractor with exceptional optics and superb mechanical design.

Image sharpness and contrast is excellent for visual observations as well as astro and terrestrial photography.

The versatile design makes it equally at home as a wide field astrograph or an ultra-light portable guidescope.

Takahashi offer an optional field flattener and flattener/reducer suitable for use with most DSLR or imaging cameras.

The package version features the FS-60CB OTA plus Takahashi Clamshell and 6x30 Finderscope with Bracket

Apochromatic objective with Fluorite doublet

The 60mm f5.9 doublet objective with a fluorite element performs as well as some other refractors with a larger diameter. High optical quality combined with short focal length (355mm) makes the FS60CB an excellent choice for portable astrophotography. 

Rack & Pinion Focuser

The Rack & Pinion focuser has been designed with imaging in mind. Sturdy and precise with a focus-lock that maintains focus wherever the telescope is pointing.


An optically-matched 0.72x Reducer is available that reduces the f-ratio from f5.9 to f4.26 and provides a large 44mm imaging circle - large enough for full-frame sensors.

An optically matched flattener is also available that changes the f-ratio to f/6.2 and provides a 38mm, 90% illuminated image circle. 


The spot-diagrams of the FS-60CB show excellent chromatic correction at prime focus, including up to 14mm off-axis. A dedicated flattener is available for wide-field astrophotography that can be used with most DSLR or dedicated imaging cameras. 

Telescope Field of View Simulator

Mechanical Drawing

  • Tube Length: 440mm
  • Tube diameter / with dew shield: 80mm / 80mm
  • Tube Weight: 1.3kg

System Charts

What's in the box

OTA Only Includes:

  • FS-60CB OTA

OTA Package Includes:

  • FS-60CB OTA
  • TKA00551 6x30 Finder
  • TKA00562 Finder bracket
  • TKA20420 Tube holder


Spec. FS-60CB
Optical design Fluorite Doublet
Optical mounting Air spaced (Fluorite in front)
Optical coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Aperture 60mm
Focal length 355mm
Focal ratio F/5.9
Resolution 1.9"
Limiting magnitude 10.7
Light grasp 73x
Image circle NA
Photo field NA
Backfocus length 162.0mm
With flattener
Focal length 374mm
Focal ratio F/6.2
Image circle NA
Photo field NA
Backfocus length 56mm
With focal reducer
Focal length 256mm
Focal ratio F/4.26
Image circle NA
Photo field NA
Backfocus length 56mm
With C2X Extender
Focal length 710mm
Focal ratio F/11.8
Image circle NA
Photo field NA

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