Tele Vue Barlows
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Tele Vue Barlows

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Model:  tv_blw_2x_1.25in
Part Number:  BLW-2125

Tele Vue Barlows reduce aberrations to below the airy disc in an f/4 system and lay to rest the popular myth of the "degrading Barlow."

Concept: I originally designed the Tele Vue Barlow line to complement the high performance of our eyepieces. Only 2 elements of high index glass were required to reduce all aberrations to well below the airy disc in an f/4 system. It has taken a good 15 years, but I think we're finally laying to rest the popular myth of the "degrading Barlow." In a 1997 Sky & Telescope review, Terrence Dickenson wrote "...Technology has erased the old objections. A modern Barlow will not degrade your telescope's optics. Anyone telling you otherwise is using outdated information. Moreover, the highly regarded Nagler eyepieces and their clones have built-in Barlows - ample evidence that the lens is not some detrimental intruder." Thanks Terry, I couldn't agree more. — Al Nagler

Properly designed Barlows do wonderful things: They amplify power, slow the telescope's f/# (improving eyepiece sharpness), and give designers the opportunity to compensate for eyepiece aberrations.

Tele Vue Barlows use multi-coated high index glasses for optimum aberration correction, exceptional contrast with virtually no light loss. Observed performance is aberration free, even when tested with f/4 scopes. They even improve our competitor's eyepieces and telescopes!

Tele Vue Quality

Compromise image quality in any part of the optical chain and you've compromised every part! Tele Vue product design and execution deliver consummate satisfaction. Every Tele Vue Barlow must pass the same rigorous f/4, full field testing as all our eyepieces. All Tele Vue Barlows now use brass clamp rings for secure, non marring holding of eyepieces and accessories.

1¼" Barlows

Offered in 2x and 3x magnifications, these 1¼" Barlows perform identically. Simply choose either or both based on your eyepiece collection. Features include parfocal-ization, 1¼" filter threads, captive lock screws that won't fall out and full multicoatings.

2" Big Barlow

Offered in a 2x magnification, the Big Barlow is ideal for Newtonian scope owners. It will be parfocal with both 2" and 1¼" eyepieces in this application. Features include 1¼" eyepiece adapter, threads for 48mm filters, captive lock screw and full multi-coatings.

Note: The Big Barlow is not recommended for use with 2" diagonals because it's length prevents it from being parfocal. With some telescopes, focus might not be reached, particularly when the interface lens is also used with it. A far better approach with no potential problems in any scope or with any eyepieces is to use the 2" 2x Powermate (PMT-2200). See the Powermates page for a discussion of Powermates vs. Barlows


  • Brass compression ring to protect your eyepieces from marring
  • Proprietary tuned full multi-coatings & high index glass
  • Blackened lens edges & Anti-reflective threads
  • 2" model include 2" to 1.25" adapter
  • Eyepiece adapter is removeable to allow optional t-ring adapter to be fitted
  • Captive lock screws that can't fall out
  • Threaded for 1.25" or 2" filters
  • Safety undercut in nosepiece barrel for extra locking security
  • 100% QC program at f/4

Barlow Magnification Chart for Imagers


Barlow Size / Weight (lbs)
2x Barlow 1¼" / 0.30
2x BIG Barlow 2" w/1¼" adapter / 0.75
3x Barlow 1¼" / 0.40

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TV 3x Barlow
29 December 2023  | 

I bought this for planetary imaging with my 10 go to dobsonian. Excellent optics and focus with my camera is easily reached when using the barlow and an ADC. Shipped and delivered speedily by FLO.

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Great Barlow, great service!
28 January 2023  | 

I bought this after looking at Powermates and other Barlows including the 2x Barlow. I bought this one versus the Powermate based on cost/budget and for astrophotography. The team at flo gave great guidance on my options including 2x v 3x barlows. I eventually took the plunge on a 3x as I have a 2x that came with my scope and so if seeing is bad I can switch between the two.

Build quality is excellent and I have been very pleased with the results so far when used for planetary work after post processing is done.

Service was great - initially I picked 2x Barlow then changed my mind. Contacted FLO and they immediately replied and switched out the order to 3x. Received within a couple of days.

In summary - great product, great service at a competitive price

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TV 3 x barlow
25 November 2022  | 

Hi , many thanks for a very fast delivery but as yet I have not been able to try it out because of bad weather , as they are televue I don't expect any problems. While I am sending this email do you have any info on my celestron nature 12x56 bino's I sent to you for repair .thanks Dennis


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