Tele Vue Dioptrx Astigmatism Corrector

Tele Vue Dioptrx Astigmatism Corrector

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Model:  tv_dioptrx_0.25
Part Number:  DRX-0025

Astigmatism correcting lenses from Tele Vue. 

Your telescope's focuser compensates for your near or far-sightedness; the Tele Vue DIOPTRX™ compensates for your astigmatism.

Attaches and lock onto the top of over 20 long eye-relief Tele Vue eyepieces to achieve the sharpest possible full-field view.

Rotatable tuning to the best orientation. Engraved letters on the barrel helps to monitor orientation.

Premium quality fully multi-coated glass in an anodized aluminium cell with rubber eyeguard. 

Available in ¼ to 3½ diopter (¼ steps from ¼ to 2½ diopters, then ½ diopter steps to 3½-diopters). 

To choose the correct Dioptrx lens simply choose the lens that corresponds with the Cylinder reading on your eye prescription, ignoring the +/-. 


  • Sharp, high contrast views. 
  • Dioptrx can be rotated to precisely compensate for the astigmatic axis angle in real time (head angle and age can vary your eyesight astigmatic angle). 
  • Tele Vue Dioptrx likely has better optical coatings than eyeglasses, and certainly has better light transmission and anti-reflection reflection properties than uncoated eyeglasses. 
  • More likely to be cleaner than eyeglasses, which probably have scratches and smudges from constant use. 

Long Eye-Relief Tele Vue Eyepieces that accept DIOPTRX™

Plössl - 55mm, 40mm, 32mm.

Radian- All.

DeLite - All

Panoptic - 41mm, 35mm, 27mm, 24mm*, 19mm* (*requires DEA-0001 adapter)

Delos - All.

Nagler Type 4 - 22mm, 17mm, 12mm.

Nagler Type 5 - 31mm, 26mm, 20mm* (*requires DEA-0001 adapter).

Nagler Type 6 - All* (*requires DNA-6000 adapter)

Ethos - All.

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