Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 Altazimuth Mounting

Tele Vue Gibraltar HD4 Altazimuth Mounting

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Model:  Televue_g4m_6014
Part Number:  G4M-6014

TeleVue longer, heavier 4" scopes are best matched to the rock-solid Gibraltar HD4 mount.

The large bearing surfaces and thick wood legs best handle the loads, especially for high power viewing.

Leg extensions raise the altitude axis to 5-feet, still ideally sized for use with our Air-Chair observing stool. Scale on leg extensions allows repeatable setting to desired height. A wood accessory tray ties the legs together for rigidity. Built-in pier allows for high-altitude viewing. A bubble-level is integrated into the tripod base. Metal ground spikes with rubber tips are provided. Object locating capability with optional encoders.


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