Tele Vue Gibraltar HD5 Altazimuth Mounting Encoder Equipped

Tele Vue Gibraltar HD5 Altazimuth Mounting Encoder Equipped

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Model:  Televue_g5e_5023
Part Number:  G5E-5023

TeleVue's Gibraltar HD5 mount mates the rock-solid Gibraltar HD tripod with a larger, heavier alt-az head designed for our 5" scopes. The head is an inch wider than the original Tele-Pod version, has larger bearings, and cradle holes to accept the Tele Vue NP127 baseplate as well as all other Tele Vue scopes.

This is the encoder equipped version of the Gibraltar HD4 mount.

The encoder mount packages include encoders pre-installed on the HD4 mount along with the cables necessary to work with your Digital Setting Circles or computer (DSC / Computer). This equipment greatly enhances your observing fun and capability of your telescope. 

The large bearing surfaces and thick wood legs of the Gibraltar HD tripod handles the load for high power viewing. Leg extensions raise the altitude axis to 5-feet, still ideally sized for use with our Air-Chair observing stool. Scale on leg extensions allows repeatable setting to desired height. A wood accessory tray ties the legs together for rigidity. Built-in pier allows for high-altitude viewing. A bubble-level is integrated into the tripod base. Metal ground spikes with rubber tips are provided. Gibraltar HD5 accepts all accessories including encoders (spacers STS-5002 required to fasten the azimuth encoder cover to the wider baseplate) for object locating with a computer.


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