TeleGizmos 365 Scope Cover for 8'' EQ Mounted Newtonians

TeleGizmos 365 Scope Cover for 8" EQ Mounted Newtonians

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Model:  telegizmos_t3n8
Part Number:  T3N8

TeleGizmos Warranty

TeleGizmos 365-series covers are warranted for one year from date of delivery including all labor and material. If your cover fails due to either a manufacturing or material defect, TeleGizmos will repair or replace the cover during this warranty period. Proof of purchase required. This warranty is fully transferable but does not include normal wear and tear.

TeleGizmos 365-series are the BEST telescope covers money can buy! 

Suitable for 8" EQ mounted Newtonians. 116cm / 46" top line length (sloping), 157cm / 62" major height (vertical), 35cm / 14" width.

The TeleGizmos 365 series are designed for severe weather protection.

Features an inner layer of aluminised material for radiant heat protection coupled to an outer cover of highly water, UV and mildew-resistant acrylic coated woven polyester. This combination of materials provides years of protection, even when used outside 24/7, 365-days a year. 

The outer material also offers high strength and abrasion resistance with less than 1% shrinkage or stretch. 

Tested in some of the harshest US environments, including the desert southwest, Florida Keys, Colorado @ 8000 feet and the Texas Hill country, the 365 Series has proven itself capable of handling all types of weather.

NOTE: The cover does an excellent job of keeping out the weather but cannot eliminate condensation (the buildup of condensation is sometimes mistaken for a leak). This is true for all telescope covers. So the telescope must be allowed to dry after each use, before applying the cover. If the telescope is used only rarely and/or your area is prone to dew (i.e. in a valley or near a body of water), we recommend you occasionally remove the cover to let the telescope dry. 



  • Multi-layered material for increased protection.
  • Can be used outside for all-weather 24/7, 365-day protection.
  • Highly water resistant acrylic coated woven polyester outer cover.
  • Aluminised inner-layer provides radiant heat protection.
  • Moisture penetration tested at 40 PSI (1/2" concentrated stream).
  • UV and mildew resistant.
  • Can be securely fastened to your scope with built-in draw string.
  • Additional draw string and clips provide extra security around the middle of the cover.

Please note, images are for illustrative purposes and may not show the exact size cover you are ordering.


Outer Canvas: Woven Polyester


Test Method


Control Limits

Weight (oz/yd sq.) 

ASTM D3776


+/- 1.0 oz/yd sq

Tensile (lbs/in.)

ASTM D5034 Warp




ASTM D5034 Fill



Tear (lbs) 

ASTM D2261 Warp




ASTM D2261 Fill  



Water Resistance (Hydro)

AATCC #127

>25 inches

 >25 in. minimum

Water Repellency (Spray)

AATCC #22 

Rating 90

90 minimum

Colour Fastness


Grade 4

4 minimum

Exterior Weather Rating


5 Years


Inner Radiant Barrier: Polyethylene/Astrolar Fiber; Multi layered



Control Limits

Weight (mill) 



Aluminum Dispersion (ohms)

+/- 5%


Tear (lbs)   



Stretch (lbs) 



Water Penetration (Hydro)



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By far the best thing Iíve ever bought for astro
20 June 2023  | 

I cannot overstate how much this has changed my enjoyment of astrophotography. I ummíd and ahhíd about buying one of these for years as other accessories like guiding, filters and the like took precedence. As my setup grew in value, the black bin bags and old gazebo cover I was using was just getting to me. I couldnít risk leaving my scope out in the rain like that and after too many sudden downpours, I finally bought this.

Oh man, Iím so glad I did. The anxiety you first get leaving your setup out in a downpour though is unmatched - but the scope will stay perfectly dry. The peace of mind I get from having this cover and knowing I can quickly cover the setup if the forecast changes is amazing. It has increased the use of my scope and my enjoyment. My setup has been outside for over a month now and it has stayed perfectly dry throughout heavy storms. I do recommend putting a towel over your setup then the cover simply to avoid ever accidentally catching the inner lining on anything. Also, condensation can build up, so just let the scope air out - I did initially think I had a leak due to the amount of condensation that formed, but it definitely sinít a leak.

As another reviewer said, the cover does go down to the ground almost with only a few cm spare which is perfect. This still allows a little bit of air to move about whilst cover extra accessories like power boxes that sit on the ground. It does however depend on how north your latitude with how itíll actually sit.

The cover is also super easy to clean with a damp cloth as itís hydrophobic coating makes dirt not stick and water droplets bead. I highly recommend cleaning it while itís on your scope though, itís waaaay harder if you take it off. The quality is really fantastic. Everything is very well put together and feels like itíll last many many years of use.

A quick note, this cover is really quite big. If youíre small you have a trouble getting it physically on your setup, however this isnít the fault of the cover.

I truly cannot recommend this higher. This is one of the accessories (kinda like an auto focus setup) you wish you bought sooner and would buy again in a heartbeat.

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Outstanding cover
23 June 2021  | 

The fit is perfect, the cover itself is very well constructed it provides excellent protection for my setup. Well worth the cost. It's a pity I couldn't get the cover on Australia but FLO provided excellent service and it was shipped to me half way across the world, arriving 5 days after ordering.

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Fantastic New Cover
13 May 2020  | 

Just received this cover (purchased elsewhere), after years of buying £35 star party covers, that completely cover my setup and were actually good outside 24/7 for 12-14 months, decided to finally take the plunge and risk £150ish on one of these. Pictures normally for newts show pretty much just the tube and mount covered, in reality it goes almost to the ground with scope parked in tube up home position. Excellent so far so good now wait and see if it last many years in all weathers. Cheaper than the roll off roof shed that pre-corona was planned to be built this month.
setup Skywatcher explorer 200 f5 on eq5 pro.

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TeleGizmo 365 Scope Cover
14 August 2019  | 

As always a very well packed product. The description was also very clear. I am able to leave my telescope out in the open. I will probably not test the 365 day specification but so far it has been tested through very heavy rain and remained waterproof. I now have three of these covers for various telescopes and it does what it says on the box.

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Ready in moments
18 July 2019  | 

Quick delivery from Flo thanks.
This was bought for my EQ5 Pro with 8" Newt to save me having to set it up on the deck from scratch on observing sessions.
Its fit is very good and it looks to be well made with robust fabric. Time will tell....
For me its the answer to a prayer. I just take off the cover, insert the eyepiece and power up the rig which is parked in the Home position. I can be observing in 5 mins.
Love it.
You do need a secure site....mine has CCTV and dogs running free and is out of sight.

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Great fir for a Skywatcher 8inch on an EQ5 Mount
18 August 2018  | 

Just recently purchased for my Skywatcher 8inch Newtonian on an EQ5 mount. Fits perfectly and looks like it will do the job admirably. Time will tell how well it lasts but seems to be very well constructed.


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