Askar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet Astrograph
Askar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet AstrographAskar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet AstrographAskar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet Astrograph
Askar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet AstrographAskar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet AstrographAskar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet Astrograph

Askar 80 PHQ F7.5 Quadruplet Astrograph

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About this product

Model:  askar_80_phq
Part Number:  80PHQ

Optical Bench Test

At FLO, we check all our Askar telescopes on an optical bench before dispatch. 

So you can be confident your telescope will have well-figured optics, negligible false colour and spherical aberration, and no astigmatism (the bane of any optical system!). Star shapes will be round, not triangular, oval or egg-shaped!

The new Askar 80 PHQ Quadruplet APO Astrograph is the latest in the PHQ series of flat-field Apos. 

The 80 PHQ is a portable refractor for astrophotography. It is considerably more compact and lightweight than its larger brother, the 107PHQ, so it is better suited to smaller, more portable (more affordable) astronomy mounts. 

The four-element Petzval optics (colour-corrected triplet plus a corrector lens) include two ED glass elements that reduce chromatic aberration.

Suitable for sensors up to full-frame format. It does not require a separate field flattener, and there is no need to worry about precise back-focus distances. 

An Askar 3" 0.76x reducer, specifically designed for the 80 PHQ telescope, is available that reduces the focal ratio from f/7.5 to f/5.7 and maintains the corrected field, covering sensor sizes up to full-frame. 

The focal ratio of the 80PHQ is f/7.5, which is longer than other Askar Astrographs but still fast enough for imaging many deep sky targets. 

The smooth, robust, 3" dual-speed Rack & Pinion focuser is fully rotatable and marked with precise graduations for accurate framing. 

A pair of CNC-machined, clamshell-style, black-anodised tube rings are included with two locking screws - no need for Allen wrenches or socket head screws. 

Due to its medium f7.5 focal ratio, the 80PHQ also makes a very capable telescope for visual astronomy when fitted with a 1.25″/2″ diagonal and eyepiece (not included). 



Aperture size80mm

Focal length600mm

Focal ratiof/7.5

Objective lens: Quadruplet air-spaced APO (including two ED glasses)

Image circle44mm

Maximum accessory connection (with the focuser fully retreated)

1. Imaging mode:

  • 115mm(from the base of M48×0.75 male thread
  • 135mm(from the base of M54×0.75 male thread
  • 155mm(from the base of M68×1male thread
  • 168.5mm(from the base of M76×1 male thread)

2. Observing mode:

  • 148mm(from the end of 2" eyepiece holder)

Total length:

450mm(including 1.25" eyepiece holder as dew shield contracted)

540mm(including 1.25" eyepiece holder as dew shield fully stretched)

480mm(including the 4-piece adapter as dew shield contracted)

570mm(including the 4-piece adapter as dew shield fully stretched)

Net weight3.9kg

Gross weight4.7kg

Rear-end thread type: 




M54×0.75-M48×0.75(M48×0.75 filter thread inside)




What's in the box

  • 80PHQ OTA
  • 1 x Pair of Tube Rings
  • Carry Handle
  • Askar 300mm Vixen dovetail plate
  • A set of 4 photographic adapters
  • Manual


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