StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor Telescope
StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor Telescope
StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor Telescope

StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet f/6 Refractor Telescope

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Review of the StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet:

" ... the StellaMira 90mm ED produced excellent results, which were consistent with the impressive 0.972 Strehl ratio rating given for this particular telescope (a measure of its optical quality).

There were even tantalising hints of the Trapezium stars ‘E’ (Theta1 (θ1) Orionis E) and ‘F’ (Theta1 (θ1) Orionis F) in M42 during the camera focusing procedure.

Briefly swapping the camera for an eyepiece was similarly rewarding and delivered excellent views of Jupiter, even using a Barlow lens to boost a 4.5mm eyepiece up to a boundary-stretching 240x magnification.

This produced a sharp, detail-rich image, free of any unwanted colour aberrations, again testifying to the high-quality optics.

Overall, the StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet more than met our expectations.

It’s a competitively priced, stylish telescope that offers excellent views and high-quality astro imaging results in a convenient, well thought out package."  Tim Jardine writing for BBC Sky @ Night Magazine

About this product

Model:  stellamira_90mm_ed_triplet

All StellaMira triplet telescopes are QC checked in the UK to ensure they achieve their full potential. 

The StellaMira 90mm f/6 ED Triplet refractor is designed for the discerning astrophotographer or astronomer so has minimum 0.95 Strehl ratio and includes a test report. 

Fully multicoated triplet optics, with an ED lens equal to FPL-53, deliver high contrast views with very low chromatic aberration. 

The sturdy 2.5" Rack & Pinion, dual speed focuser with 1:10 fine focusing and integral rotator provides excellent load bearing capacity and precise focus adjustments.  

CNC machined aluminium fittings and Carbon Fibre tube provides high strength and excellent thermal properties. 

A matching 0.8x StellaMira Reducer / Field Flattener is also available that enables astrophotography at f/4.8 with an evenly illuminated imaging circle large enough for sensor sizes up to and including APS-C. 

Price includes CNC tube-rings, Vixen-style dovetail mounting bar,  carry handle and aluminium carry case. 



  • 90mm Aperture
  • f/6 focal ratio / 540mm focal length
  • Triplet optics with 1x ED glass element (equal to FPL-53)
  • Fully multi-coated optics for maximum light transmission and high contrast
  • Strong Carbon Fibre tube with excellent thermal properties
  • CNC machined aluminium fittings
  • 2.5" Dual-speed Rack & Pinion focuser
  • 1:10 Fine Focus mechanism
  • 360º Camera Angle Adjuster (CAA)
  • Non-marring brass compression rings (2" clamp and 2" to 1.25" adapter clamp) for strong, secure connection
  • Fitted with a Synta-style finder shoe
  • Supplied with tube rings, carry handle and Vixen-style dovetail
  • Includes a heavy duty Aluminium case with die-cut foam
  • Additional M6 threaded holes on the dovetail, handle and tube rings

Telescope Field of View Simulator


  • Tube length (dew-shield retracted): 46cm (17.9")
  • Tube length (dew-shield extended): 49cm (19.3")
  • Tube diameter: 107mm (4.2")
  • Dew-shield external diameter: 123mm (4.8")
  • Focuser adjustment range: 95mm (3.7")
  • Tube weight: 3.3kg (7lb 4oz)
  • Tube weight with rings / dovetail / handle: 4.5kg (9lb 15oz)

What's in the box

  • Telescope OTA
  • Vixen-style Dovetail
  • Tube Rings
  • Handle / Mounting Bracket
  • 2" to 1.25" Adapter
  • Storage Case
  • Test Certificate


Type Refractor
Aperture 90mm
Focal Length 540mm
Focal Ratio f/6
Optical Construction

Air spaced triplet, includes 1x ED element (equivalent to FPL-53)

Lens Coating Fully multi-coated
Tube Material Carbon FIbre & Aluminium
Focuser 2.5" Rack & Pinion Dual Speed
Fine Focuser 1:10
Focuser Thread M63x1 Female with 2" eyepiece holder removed
Accessories Tube Rings, Vixen-Style Dovetail & Handle
Case Aluminium case included with Die-Cut foam


Customer reviews

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Stella Mira 90mm ED Triplet
Sunday, 23 October 2022  | 

I was putting together a new dedicated wide field imaging rig and after a year of research and planning I started my journey with Flo because of all the great reviews.
I'm happy to say that Flo was excellent in helping me complete this. Thank you Flo for all your excellent advice and wisdom.
I choose the Stella Mira 90mm because it had great reviews on Stargazers lounge.
As usual with Flo, as soon as its ordered its arrived at your door.
Packed and delivered to perfection.
The telescope is stunning. I have SCTs and always heard and read about how great refractors are but aperture always ruled, not any more.
The build quality of the Stella Mira 90mm is perfection.
The focuser is super smooth and precise, superb mechanics. I fitted the ZWO EAF, my first time ever on a telescope with ease with this scope.
I got 40 2min captures on Andromeda with the reducer with perfect stars to the edge and dust lanes before the fog closed in. I was stunned by how much detail when the first 2min sub came through on a night of poor seeing in bortel 6.
I can't wait to try it on a night with good seeing over a 5 hour period. I'm totally delighted to own this scope.
Looks perfect, works perfect. Thanks Flo.

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Great scope
Saturday, 22 October 2022  | 

I decided to upgrade from a 60ed doublet to something with more punch; the StellaMira certainly has that. I looked at many different options: Skywatcher, WO and others. I settled on this scope because of its competative price and low weight. I have a HEQ5 mount so weight is important to me.
In line with FLO's reputation it arrived the day after I ordered. With carbon fibre and red rings, it looks the business. The focusser and build quality feel very solid. I was lucky to have clear skies the night of its arrival and I targeted the Crescent Nebula. My HEQ5 coped well with the extra weight, giving good guiding, I managed 5 minute exposures. The difference in image quality between my 60ed doublet is beyond my expectations, great colour and definition.

Very happy with my purchase so far.

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Iím going to call her Goldilocks.
Monday, 7 February 2022  | 

I bought the SM Triplet 90mm with the field flattener at Christmas just before the lower price offer dropped off.
Very good value.
No aberration. Vignettes is not discernible, especially with dithering.
Iím getting great images. Coupled to auto focus and using NINA Iím having a wonderful time imaging. I do use it on a NEQ6 Pro with Rowan mod, but I think itíd be fine on the HEQ5.
It was delivered in a few days, arrived on a clear night. I actually imaged that night. I donít think this is an FLO promise, but I suppose it has to happen statistically every now and then. 😁
Iím so pleased with this kit. Iím now considering going from asi533 to asi2600 to take advantage of the optics.

Did I say Iím pleased.
Thank you FLO.

clear skies.

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High quality telescope- very happy
Friday, 14 January 2022  | 

I was looking at this scope and a few others with similar apertures, and I am very pleased that I chose the StellaMira. Build quality is brilliant- it's very well made, with a great finish (I really like the carbon fibre). Optical quality is right up there as well, my scope reported a Strehl ratio of .972, and the views are stunning- very sharp stars and great colours. Observing the moon was a delight, with a very crisp image. Using the dedicated 0.8 reducer/flattener gave some great DSO images.
The focuser and camera rotator are very smooth and make using it a pleasure. As others have said, the dew shield is perhaps a little shorter than may be expected, but with a heater strap I had no trouble at all with dew (or stray light) over a 4-hour imaging session in early January.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase/investment. Top marks also for the service from FLO- very quick despatch after ordering (even just before Christmas)

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Excellent scope
Saturday, 8 January 2022  | 

It was a toss-up between this, Sharpstar 94, and WO FLT91. ended up getting this one, and must say it is quite an impressive little scope at a lower cost. works well with TSFFLAT2 and TSRedJM63S and Starfield 0.8x flattener.

only complaint is that the dew shield is too short. i have two dew 12V straps working on it, so dont expect much problem with dew, but would have been nice if it was a bit longer to help with stray lights. would have knocked of half a star it that was possible

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High Quality Alternative To Esprit 100
Monday, 27 December 2021  | 

Iíve been waiting for an Esprit 100 to come back into stock for a while with no luck, so decided to look elsewhere. The alternatives were this and the William Optics FLT91 at a considerably greater expense. Further research demonstrated the similarities between this and the WO are more than skin deep, and so, given the red ZWO gear and black and red iOptron mount I had, the Stellamira seemed a choice worth making. In terms of build, the quality is right up there. Everything is solid and well-finished. The focuser is smooth and well-damped. My example measured at a hair under 0.98 Strehl and the images Iíve shot so far with it haven't disappointed. This one will be with me a while (and the red matches the ZWO stuff perfectly).

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Stunning Telescope
Wednesday, 8 December 2021  | 

I was torn between this and the WO GT-81 IV but went for this for the extra apeture and glad I did. The finish is lovely the carbon and red really look the part. The dew shield is quite short but I've not had any problems with dew yet but the temp hasn't drop enough to make my dew heater switch on so only time will tell. The focuser is very smooth as is the built in camera rotator. I've only used mine with a modded 600D but all the stars were nice and round with great colours, I'm looking forward to using a dedicated cooled camera with this scope. FLO service was perfect and Alex has been a great help to me.

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Worth every penny
Tuesday, 12 October 2021  | 

I received the telesope today and, of course, the weather started to misbehave so this will be more of a first look than a review. It is not only good looking but also pleasing to use, the focuser and rotators have that smooth oily move withouth any hint of play, the dew shield slides with the right amount of friction and stays where you put it, the rings are a tight fit - maybe a bit too tight - and can hold the tube even if the screws are loose. The atention to detail is heartwarming: the rings screws have teflon washers, on the front ring you'll find tyny bumpers that prevents collision with the dew shield, the reducer/flattner brings the mirrorless camera in the right orientation relative to the rotator, there is a spare screw supplyed in a tiny bag just in case...
On inspecting the lens, I was impressed by the coatings - the glass is allmost invisible when you look perpendicular and dark green from aside. I took some pictures with the reducer/flattner with my Fuji xt4 and there was no trace of lateral CA and only a hint of longitudinal CA on some out of center, out of focus and high contrast parts of the image. It might lose some quality on the corners of a full frame sensor but on a crop sensor camera like ASI 2600 it will be a blast.
I'm gonna test its resolving power when the weather will allow but i'm shure it will perform as good as it should. I don't have any previous experience with instruments of similar aperture and price so I can't say where it stand relative to its peers but i can tell you won't see much impovement from a more expensive one.
As for the negative side: is a bit back heavy, with all the photo gear attached you might need to attach a weight to the front of the dovetail or, better, replace it with a longer one. The transport case is doing a good job protecting the instrument but ain't gonna take much punishment; if you travel, buy a decent one.
I will end by thanking all at FLO for the excellent job they are doing providing good products and fast service. Respect!


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