TS-Optics 61EDPH 6 element 61mm Flatfield Apo Refractor
TS-Optics 61EDPH 6 element 61mm Flatfield Apo RefractorTS-Optics 61EDPH 6 element 61mm Flatfield Apo RefractorTS-Optics 61EDPH 6 element 61mm Flatfield Apo RefractorTS-Optics 61EDPH 6 element 61mm Flatfield Apo Refractor

TS-Optics 61EDPH 6 element 61mm Flatfield Apo Refractor

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About this product

Model:  ts_61EDPH
Part Number:  TS61EDPH

The TS-Optics 61EDPH is a fast portable astrograph telescope designed for primarily for astrophotography. 

The 61EDPH features compact dimensions and a high-quality triplet lens with optically matched 3-element corrector to deliver a very well corrected field of view with 44 mm diameter imaging circle (ideal for full-frame cameras). The fast aperture ratio of f/4.5 enables short exposure times. 

Important: The corrector can be connected to the focuser in two ways. With the correct way, the long part points into the extension tube and the short part towards the camera.

Connecting your Camera

An M48x0.75 thread is available on the back of the stable 2.5" focuser. The working distance from this thread to the camera sensor is exactly 55 mm. This is ideal for all astro cameras and DSLR / SLR cameras. 

The TS 61EDPH offers a connection for 2" nebula filters

Simply unscrew the corrector extension from the focuser and you will find an M48x0.75 internal thread on the camera side at the end of the extension. The working distance of 55 mm does not change. You can continue to use your adaptation,  with or without a filter.

Mounting the TS 61EDPH

The CNC clamp has a GP and EQ5 style dovetail bar at the base. You can attach the telescope to the appropriate quick-disconnect mounts and travel mounts such as the Skywatcher Star Adventurer. In addition, the rail also has a 1/4" photo tripod thread. The 61 EDPH therefore fits directly onto any photo tripod, like a telephoto lens.

The carrying handle is a real multifunctional part

The handle not only makes it easier to mount the telescope on to a photo tripod, it is also the basis for further adaptations. The handle has an elongated hole and a 1/4" photo tripod thread. You can attach a ball head to it, for example, and mount a second camera in parallel. Next to the handle there is a finder shoe for finder telescopes, mini guide scopes or direction finders.

Observation with the TS61EDPH

Although the 61EDPH was developed for astrophotography, it also a high quality tool for visual observation. 

Unscrew the photo corrector. You have an M63x1 internal thread available. Then screw in the 2" eyepiece adapter which is included in the scope of delivery. A step down adapter from 2" to 1.25" is also included.

The back focus is sufficient to use 1.25" and also 2" star diagonals and eyepieces. 


  • Aperture: 61mm
  • Focal Length: 274mm
  • Focal Ratio: F4.5 with built in Focal Reducer
  • Corrected Image Field: 44mm
  • Design: 6-element system comprising of triplet lens and 3-element corrector
  • Pure colour, multi-coated APO triplet lens with two ED glasses - colour correction comparable to an FPL53 triplet
  • 2.5" RAP rack and pinion focuser with a 360° rotation option and micro reduction also holds heavy cameras



Aperture 61mm
Focal Length             274mm
Focal Ratio with Reducer F4.5 
Focal Ratio of Lens F5.5
Lens Triplet lens with two air-spaced ED glasses
Correction Shortening Factor       0.81x
Connection Camera Side  M48x0.75 external thread (male)
Illuminated and Corrected Image Circle 44mm
Optical System 6-element system in 2 groups
Lens 3 Element ED Lens
Working Distance 55 mm from the M48 thread
Auxiliary Distance       M63x1 internal thread on the focuser - max. 115 mm back focus
Focuser 2.5" RAP rack and pinion focuser with micro reduction and 360° rotation
Length 264 mm with the dew cap pushed in
Height 141 mm including rail and carrying handle
Weight 1.8 kg (1.35 kg telescope with clamp, 0.45 kg corrector)
Outside Diameter of the Dew Shield Outside diameter dew protection cap
Free opening of the corrector 53mm telescope side / 48mm camera side
Dovetail Bar EQ5/GP Level with photo tripod connection length 100 mm
Included Adapter M63 to 2"
Included Adapter 2" to 1.25"
Protection Dust protection caps for lens and camera connection
Carry Handle Included
Included CNC clamp with universal dovetail bar with photo tripod connection and carrying handle is included in the scope of delivery

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Neat scope
24 December 2022  | 

I bought this so I could do quick sessions when the weather window is too short or I havn't the time. It's a brilliant bit of kit with most things you need (the finder bracket is hiding in the polystyrene foam) to get up and running. I use this with my HEQ5 and also because it is quite fast (F4.5) I can do a quick session with my IOptron Alt az mount (yes !). Both of these mounts are light enough to carry outside ready assembled and only need a single weight. The scope seems very solid. It is an almost exact copy of many other OEM (eg Sharpstar 61RDPHII) barring the colour scheme and logos. It handily comes with a visual back if you want to stargaze. I attached my QHY mono camera and 2" Ha filter and took an hour of 20s exposures using the ALt-AZ as a test (we only had 2 hours of cloudless sky) . Brilliant. Ends the frustration of spending time setting up a complicated config only to be timed out by clouds.
To look for a manual try searching for Sharpstar 61 EDPH. The scope has a rotator. You access it by undoing the brass thumb screw (NOT the brass slotted screws which are factory set tensioners) in the red ring in front of the focuser. As many others have said about similar scopes, the dovetail bar is a trifle short. I replaced mine with a 20cm one.
Despite the Christmas rush it arrived very quickly. Great service from FLO as usual.


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