Vaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart Telescope
Vaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart TelescopeVaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart TelescopeVaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart Telescope
Vaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart TelescopeVaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart TelescopeVaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart Telescope

Vaonis Vespera Observation Station Smart Telescope

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Jamie Carter writing for BBC Sky @ Night Magazine

"Using Vespera is child's play. As well as its excellent Singularity app, it comes equipped with star pattern recognition software that takes just a few minutes to align using plate-solving. Unlike other smart telescopes, it has auto-focus, though the images it produces do lack a little sharpness. Vespera cannot take images of planets. Nor does it produce fabulous lunar images; even a bright full Moon looked rather dull in finished images. It can be used for solar observing, if you pair it with Vaonis's specialist solar filter.

But what Vespera excels at is battling light pollution. With its optional light pollution filter in place - and even without it - it is possible to get exquisitely bright and surprisingly colourful images of the kind of deep-sky objects that are impossible to see with the eye from light-polluted locations. Although it performs even better under dark skies, where its limiting magnitude is 13, Vespera is an ideal option for urban astronomers frustrated by their lack of access to galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, with pockets deep enough to pay its premium price.

Vespera is operated almost entirely through the Singularity smartphone app (Android and iOS) which presents a list of recommended objects to observe based on your location, slews to an object and quickly begins imaging it. You can see it live-stack and at any time watch a small flick-book-stvle video of how the composite image has improved.

The real joy is in downloading the image to your smartphone's camera roll or sharing it directly to social media. The entire operation is automated, but you can manually control the image parameters and input the coordinates of a passing comet or anything else not in its database.

The Solar Pointing mode, only for use with the optional Vaonis solar filter (£79), enabled us to image the partial solar eclipse on 25 October 2022. Vespera found the Sun within three minutes and perfectly tracked it during a four- hour observing session. Sunspots were easily seen and it was a spectacular experience watching on the app as the Moon gradually obscured part of the Sun's disc." 

About this product

Model:  vaonis_vespera

Meet Vespera: the world's lightest observation station.

Vespera is your new observation station, the perfect combination of telescope and camera.

Smart and fully automated, Vespera is a revolution in the world of Astronomy.

With a completely redesigned observation experience, substituting the eyepiece with a mobile application, everyone can easily access the wonders of the Universe.

It weighs less than 5kg / 11 lbs, so you can explore and observe the night sky anywhere in the world, take photos of celestial objects, learn about the Cosmos, and share your discoveries in one place.

It has never been easier to connect with the stars.

Super easy to use; just set up the tripod using the adjustable legs, and press the button. Let Vespera come to life and calibrate itself using Star Field Recognition technology.

At FLO, we include a quality UK power adaptor with the correct specification. 


  • 50mm / 2" Apochromatic Quadruplet Refractor Optical Design
  • Superb Optics - 2 Groups of 2 Lenses made with Lanthanum Glass
  • Fast f/4, 200mm Focal Length
  • Fully Automated Pointing, Focusing and Imaging
  • Alt-azimuth GoTo Mount with Software-Based De-Rotation
  • Up to 8 Hours of Usage with Built-In Battery
  • Integrated Camera with Sony IMX462 Sensor
  • Up to 8M Pixel Resolution with CovalENS Technology
  • 1.6º x 0.9º Field of View up to 3.2º x 1.8º with CovalENS Technology
  • IP43 Water Resistance - Protected from Water Spray < 60º from Vertical
  • JPG, TIFF and FITs Image Formats - 16-bit RAW Images.
  • Easy-to-use Smartphone / Tablet App with Built-in Live Stacking

Built-in Battery

Vespera battery life (built-in battery) varies according to observation conditions:

  • Under normal conditions of use (new product, charged battery, average humidity, continuous observation) & an ambient temperature of 20°C:
    • Battery life was measured at 8 hours.
  • If anti-fog is activated:
    • Battery life was measured at 6 hours.

The battery life can be extended using a portable charger / a power bank.

Product Videos

Telescope Field of View Simulator

Example Images


What's in the box

  • Vespera observation station
  • Short tripod
  • USB wall charger
  • USB magnetic cable
  • Free mobile app


Type Apochromatic Quadruplet
Aperture 50mm / 2in
Focal Length 200mm / 8in
Aperture ratio (f/) 4
Weight 5kg / 11 lbs
Size 40 x 20 x 9cm / 15 x 8 x 3,5in
Battery life (hours) 4
Resolution Up to 8MP
Field of view 1.6° x O.9°
Lens feature S-FPL52 equivalent (ULD) with lanthanum glass
Sensor Sony CMOS IMX462
Image Formats Jpg; Tiff; Fits. 16-bit raw images.
Control Smartphone/Tablet with Vaonis Singularity app (iOS & Android)
Wifi yes
Application Galaxies, nebulaes, star clusters, Moon, Sun, comets.
Mounting type Alt-azimuth. Software based de-rotation.
Pointing Automated
Focus Automated
Scheduling of observations yes
Cloud image hosting up to 800 pictures 
Mosaic mode  4x fields (available by the end of 2022)
Filter UV/IR embeded 
What's in the box Short adjustable tripod, wall charger, magnetic cable, bubble level, dust cover
Dew control in option
Water resistance IP43
Operating temperature range 0-40° Celsius
Colour White and black

Customer reviews

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02 November 2023  | 

First off - usual awesome service from FLO 👍
Now re the scope. So far Iíve only been able to use it twice as since purchase we have had limited clear skies and many storms lol. However ÖÖÖ blown away doesnít come close to describing my feelings about it. Not stepped foot down the astrophotography rabbit hole before as concentrated on visual astronomy but this thing kept niggling at the back of my mind and I just had to take the plunge! Itís so incredibly simple to use and clever. Being able to see nebula appearing on my phone screen as the scope does its thing is amazing. Being a visual astronomer things such as dumbbell nebula were usually just a smear in the sky but now I see colour and shape. The Hercules cluster is amazing through my 8Ē dob but the output from the Vespera is fantastic and so clear. I am away on holiday to a dark site in a couple of weeks and cannot wait to take the Vespera. Packed away in its backpack itís so easy to transport and take on a walk to desired location. Superb

Rating (max 5):  
Vaonis Vespera
04 June 2023  | 

I recently received the above item from FLO.
It was delivered promptly and in good condition.
I have recently returned to astrophotography after a long absence, but wanted to try a less arduous system than my previous setup.
Due to the short nights since receiving the Vespera, I have only been able to try it out a few times.
However, at the moment, it has exceeded my expectations and has rekindled my interest in the hobby due to its convenience and performance.
One of its attractions, for me, is the ability to additionally download the . tif file for each observation, which enables me to do my own editing on the previously obtained unstretched test data.

Rating (max 5):  
05 March 2023  | 

What an incredible instrument! Download the app, set the scope outside, switch it on and leave it to it. GOTO whatever you want and let it collect and stack photons for as long as you want.
The only thing you need are clear skies! Very impressed. Great for public outreach.

Rating (max 5):  
Vaionis Vespera
22 February 2023  | 

I purchased this scope as a back up to my Evescope 2 smart scope.
I have been astounded by the quality of the images produced by this little scope, considering that the objective lens is only 50mm diameter.
I have found that the auto- focussing feature is a great advantage, as this eliminates manual focussing and the use of a Batinov mask.
The Vaonis application is superb and the graphics are amazing, with a large list of astral objectives
Another great advantage is the light weight of the unit, and the speed at which it can be set up.
It really could do with having a dew shield to keep out stray light, but it is quite easy to make and fit one.
I would not hesitate to recommend this scope to anyone wanting to get started in astrophotography

Rating (max 5):  
Great product
02 January 2023  | 

Thanks to the FLO team. Great service and delivery over festive season was unexpectedly quick.
Vespera is great and deserves 5 stars, but... There are a few things that Vaonis must enhance and they should all be software / firmware fixable items.

1. The power button. Accidental touches is a problem. A power on / power off click pattern will solve this issue. (tap tap long press to turn on or something similar)
2. The indicator light. White, green and blue is not good. Very bright at night. A feature to either turn light off, or change to red. (Even when initialising) - Vespera users at star parties will not be well received with these bright flashing lights.
3. Wifi - You have to connect directly to Vespera to operate it, thus disconnecting from existing wifi network. A great enhancement will be to enable a feature to connect Vespera to existing wifi network.
4. To download images you must connect directly to Vespera, open ftp connection to it and then copy files. Works well enough, but as per above, it will be great to enable Vespera to connect to existing wifi network.

Apart from above issues which are easily fixable the Vespera is GREAT! Up and running in a few minutes without any issues. Singularity app is good and works as it should. You can easily observe 2-3 targets in the time it takes to setup a small astrophotography rig, thus those nights where time is limited the Vespera is the one to use. Great to get people into Astrophotography!

I am extremely happy with my purchase! Thanks FLO Team!!

Rating (max 5):  
Keith Vesparo explores Orion's Belt
25 December 2022  | 

Our Vespera arrived promptly and safely and immediately we named him (Keith - as in Keith Moon, a little bit wild but fun) so he could be part of the family. At the first sign of a break in the clouds we sent him outside to observe the sky. The pictures that he has given us so far are absolutely phenomenal. Even just doing a small amount of post processing on our phones we are getting professional looking results, and using some fancy schmancy things in Affinity the pictures are incredible. I can't wait to steal him away and take him to Scotland for his first bothy trip in a bootle free area! I would recommend a Keith to anyone who wants to take deep sky pictures in a fuss free way and enjoy everything the night sky has to offer. Amazing!

Rating (max 5):  
Fantastic all-in-one imaging platform
23 December 2022  | 

I've had my Vespera a couple of weeks now, and it's been outside every clear night. I collected more good data in the first three nights I owned it than in the previous three years with my typical home-brew set up of mount, camera, autoguider and laptop.

It's an absolute doddle to set up, and acquiring your first target and starting captures takes only a few minutes as the 'scope finds some stars, does a plate solving process to figure out its alignment, and then an performs an automatic autofocus.

The field of view from the 200mm focal length is reasonable, and larger targets can be acquired using their proprietary CovaLENS mosaic mode, which moves the scope around the target, stacking as it goes. Although the scope can record FITS files for each subframe captured, I didn't yet find an off-unit workflow in PixInsight that lets me stack those mosaiced images. FITS files from the non-mosiac mode stack readily, although you'll need to override the Bayer matric to RGGB since Vaonis and PixInsight disagree on how to specify the Bayer matrix for a "bottom up" FITS file.

If there's one real limitation, it's the lack of field rotator, although this doesn't matter much until your exposures exceed 30 minutes or so. The reason is that the edges of the field get rotated out of view so that an increasingly smaller proportion of the field of view remains present in every frame.

It's re-awoken my passion for astrophotography - highly recommended!


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