TS-PHOTON 6'' f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal Tube
TS-PHOTON 6'' f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal TubeTS-PHOTON 6'' f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal TubeTS-PHOTON 6'' f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal Tube
TS-PHOTON 6'' f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal TubeTS-PHOTON 6'' f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal TubeTS-PHOTON 6'' f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal Tube

TS-PHOTON 6" f/6 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal Tube

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Model:  ts_tpm6f6
Part Number:  TPM6F6

TS-PHOTON 150/900mm Advanced Newtonian for Observation

This Newtonian reflector telescope of the TS-PHOTON series provides much light and features which you will hardly find in this price class. 150 mm aperture already show thousands of deep-sky objects with many details. Resolve globular clusters into single stars or view details of the well-known nebulae. Thanks to the high-quality of the parabolic primary mirror, the Newtonian also shows many detail on moon and planets. With an optional 2" 35mm extension, you can focus all eyepieces easily.


  • Aperture 150 mm / focal length 900 mm / focal ratio f/6
  • High-quality parabolic primary mirror with 94% reflectivity coating for a brighter image.
  • Large secondary mirror with 45 mm diameter - little obstruction for sharp lunar and planetary observations.
  • Precise 2" Crayford focuser for accurate focusing - motorfocus is optionally available.
  • Adjustable primary and secondary mirror cell made of metal, practical adjustment aid at the primary mirror.
  • Focus position is optimised for visually observation, you will be able to focus easily with all eyepieces.
  • The telescope is still well supported by smaller mounts like the EQ3 or EQ5 from Skywatcher.
  • Central mark on the primary mirror for easy collimation.
  • Extensive scope of delivery: 6x30 finder, tube rings, dovetail bar
  • Weighs 5.9kg including tube rings and finder.
  • 845mm long with a 179mm diameter.

There are many Newtonian telescopes for astrophotography, but this telescope is optimised for observation.

Almost any Newtonian comes with a focus position which is optimised for astrophotography. Often the result is insufficient illumination due to too small a secondary mirror (or too much obstruction due to to a too large one) and an unnecessary large focus distance. The 150 mm f/6 Newtonian provides sufficient working distance for all eyepieces, even the ones with an extreme focus position. Eyepieces with a field stop at a very low position should be pulled out of the focuser a little bit for focusing. Alternatively, an extension tube can be used.

Together with GSO, TS has created a Newtonian which provides best results for the visual observer. The secondary mirror has 45 mm minor axis which results in very high contrast and sharpness for moon and planets. The image matches the typical one of an excellent 4.5" apochromatic refractor although the image is even brighter.

With a focus position approximately 50 mm above the 2" receptacle, almost any common eyepiece can easily be focused, the illumination allows even using 2" eyepiece with full brightness over the entire field. By the way: due to an aperture ratio of 1:6, Plössl eyepieces can be used. Their low number of optical elements results in less stray light.

The 2" Crayford focuser

More simple telecopes have a 1.25" focuser - sometimes not even made of metal. Of course, this 2" focuser is made of metal. The drawtube is mounted on ball bearings. Even heavy cameras and eyepieces are held without effort, sensitive focusing is possible. The focuser is supplied with a reduction adapter for 1.25" barrels. 2" and 1.25" accessories are locked gently and safe by compression rings.

A superb beginners telescope

Thanks to its convenient handling and its solid build, this PHOTON Newton is ideally suited for beginners. For this Newton telescope we recommend the Skywatcher mount EQ3 or EQ5. You find both mounts in our accessory section below. From the outset you achieve wonderful observations of moon and planets, but also of Nebulae and galaxies with this telescope.

What's in the box

  • TS 150 mm f/6 Newtonian
  • Tube Rings
  • Vixen-Style Dovetail
  • 6x30 Optical Finder Scope
  • Dust Cap


Aperture: 150 mm (6")
Focal length: 900 mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Primary mirror: Parabolic mirror with 94% enhanced reflection and protective quartz layer
Secondary mirror: 45 mm
Focuser: 2" Crayford focuser with adapter to 1.25" and compression ring
Weight of the tube: 5.9 kg
Diameter of the tube: 179 mm
Length of the tube: 845 mm

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