Baader UHC-S Filter

Baader UHC-S Filter


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Model:  buhcs-1
Brand:  Baader

The Baader Planetarium UHC-S Nebula filter excels at delivering a high-contrast and natural view of emission nebula - without excessive dimming and loss of background star fields.  The perfect filter for viewing emission nebula from light polluted skies, or for boosting the contrast of nebula from dark sky sites.  The advanced technology coatings enable the filter to achieve an outstanding transmission of over 97% across the entire passband, with total blockage of prominent light pollution lines.  This translates to maximum image brightness and contrast.  Owners of smaller, 4"-10" telescopes will especially appreciate the high efficiency, and larger scope users will love the rich star fields and detailed subtle nebular shadings that are left intact.

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Usable filter
Tuesday, 17 May 2011  | 

This is quite handy filter for visual it cut's out the light pollution noticeably. The visibility of the nebula is improved, but much less than with O-III filter (on O-III glowing nebulas). If you start looking off-axis then you may see that stars can look like split red-green sometimes.

For imaging nebulas it is also quite good as it pass O-III/H-beta and H-alpha regions. I used it as a nebula luminance filter and shot R,G,B with this filter stacked to get quasi-narrowband nebula look (higher contrast of M27 vs the background sky).

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