Vixen Focal Reducer 0.67x

Vixen Focal Reducer 0.67x

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Model:  vixen_73666
Part Number:  3666

This high quality reducer for photographic use is designed to shorten the effective focal length of your ED81S, ED103S or ED115S refractor.  This will allow for shorter exposure times and a wider field of view.

The Focal Reducer ED0.67× is designed exclusively for imaging with Vixen ED81S, ED103S or ED115S refractors. For prime focus SLR camera astrophotography, both an optional 60mm wide photo adapter and an optional T-ring appropriate to your SLR camera are required.

The Focal Reducer ED0.67× will reduce telescope focal lengths as follows:-

  • ED81S: Focal Length 625mm (F/7.7) → 419mm (F/5.2)
  • ED103S: Focal Length 795mm (F/7.7) → 533mm (F/5.2)
  • ED115S: Focal Length 890mm (F/7.7) → 596mm (F/5.2)


  • Reduces .67
  • 625mm to 419mm F/ 5.5
  • 8 Ounces 3 x 3 x 2 inches

Attaching the Focal Reducer ED0.67x

Preparation: The outer bayonet mount part of the SLR T-ring is required. Loosen the set-screws on the T-ring in order to remove the inner ring.

1. Attach the T-ring with bayonet mount part to the wide photo adapter 60mm and tighten the set-screws.

2. Screw the Focal Reducer ED0.67X onto the wide photo adapter.

3. Next, screw the other side of the focal reducer into the draw-tube of the telescope.

4. Attach the SLR camera body onto the T-ring.

Note: This focal reducer is not recommended for visual observations as the telescope focal length to the focal plane is widely shifted from the original position.

How to use with the Vixen 60mm to T2 Rotating Ring

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