Vixen Advanced Polaris SM (AP) Motorised Modular EQ Mount

Vixen Advanced Polaris SM (AP) Motorised Modular EQ Mount

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About this product

Model:  vixen_ap-sm_mount
Part Number:  79973

The new AP mount is effectively a replacement for the venerable GP2 - a lightweight, portable EQ mount that can be upgraded with motors and manual or GOTO controller. Where it differs from the GP2 is in its modular design.

This is the SM motorised model which features a motorised R.A axis and Star Book One controller. The manual DEC axis can be motorised using the upgrade motor module available separately.

As shown in the diagram below, it can be broken down into various parts. This allows the mount to be used in a variety of different ways.



R.A slow motion Worm and wheel gears with 144-tooth whole circle micro movement
DEC slow motion Worm and wheel gears with 144-tooth whole circle micro movement
R.A axis 59mm diameter Aluminium alloy
DEC axis 59mm diameter Aluminium alloy
Bearings 7 ball bearings
Counterweight bar 20mm diameter steel
Counterweight 1.0kg x 1
Polar scope Optional accessory
Altitude adjustment 0-65 degrees tangent screw bolts ~1.9° per rotation
Azimuth adjustment Twin screw knows - ~1.4° per rotation
Motor Drive Pulse motor (R.A axis)
Tracking / Slewing Star Book One, maximum 60x slewing speed.
External power supply Micro USB-B
Loading weight 6kg / 13.2lb (Maximum torque load 150kg-cm)
Dimensions 263mm x 302mm x 96mm (at 35 degrees latitude)


Star Book One Controller

Supplied with the Star Book One controller a simple, lightweight hand controller with easy one handed operation.


  • 13.7 x 6.5 x 2.1cm
  • 110g
  • Red backlit LED display with variable brightness
  • Variety of tracking modes including sidereal and lunar.
  • Periodic error correction function
  • External auto guider interface






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