Vixen Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount

Vixen Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount
 Vixen Sphinx SX2 Equatorial MountVixen Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount 


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Model:  vixen_sx2
Part Number:  75071
Brand:  Vixen


Vixen's New Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount is the newest entry into the line of award winning Sphinx Mounts.

The SX2 Mount is simple to operate yet features high precision mechanics.  The New SX2 Mount features the NEW STAR BOOK ONE Hand Controller.  With this controller you can track objects with ease. Vixen’s innovative STAR BOOK TEN is an option that can be added to this mount.

STAR BOOK ONE Functions: Celestial, Solar, Lunar, and King’s Rate Tracking, Slewing Speeds  Variable from 0.1x to 999x sidereal , Backlash  Compensation, PEC, Autoguider port, Screen Brightness Adjustable, Direction Keys, Red LED Light

Easy Secure setup: The Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount sets up in minutes. One bolt secures it to the tripod. Beginners and seasoned hobbyists will benefit from the portability of the mount, the easy to use controller, the ability to download future upgrades directly to the controller and the versatility of placing a variety of optical tubes on this equatorial mount with Vixen's universal dove tail plate.

High Speed Precise GoTo Slewing: The short profile declination head and internal motors greatly improve balance and motion around the RA Axis. This innovative, lightweight design guarantees precise motor control.

Unique Motor Layout: The internal placement of the the RA and DEC motors allow the motors to act as a built in counterweight. Small telescopes require no additional counterweights.

Retractable Counterweight Shaft: Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel, it retracts into the Sphinx mount body for easy storage.

Product Specifications

RA Slow Motion/DEC Slow Motion180 Tooth full circle micro-movement wheel gear
RA Axis40mm diameter, aluminum alloy die casting
DEC Axis35mm diameter, aluminum alloy
Azimuth AdjustmentFine Adjustments: About +-7; Twin tangent screws/knob: About 1.2 per rotation
Altitude AdjustmentLatitude between 0 ~ 70, 3 altitude zone setting, Altitude Scale: 2 increments, Twin T Bar Handles 0.8 rotation
Drive MotorStepping (Pulse) Motors with 250PPS
Loading CapacityAbout 27 lbs excluding counterweight
WeightAbout 15.5 lbs, excluding counterweight

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