Vixen ED 115S APO Refractor

Vixen ED 115S APO Refractor
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Model:  vixen_ED115s
Brand:  Vixen


This impressive Japanese-made refractor features a Vixen doublet objective that includes a Japanese-Ohara FPL53 ED element for enhanced colour correction and a sturdy 2-inch dual-speed Rack & Pinion focuser.

"The Vixen's optics were excellent. The scope corrected false colours almost perfectly when in focus and showed just a little red and green fringing when out of focus. Pointing the scope at the stars showed the optics were pretty much perfectly corrected.  

... Our observations confirmed the excellence of the optics. We couldn't see any colour fringing around bright stars and got a surprising amount of detail on Jupiter considering how low down it was. Views of the 20-day-old-Moon observed under near perfect seeing conditions were excellent, with very little colour fringing around the rim. Sitting on the terminator, the crater Maurolycus was especially memorable. This scope proved itself to be a versatile instrument that was a joy to use."  BBC Sky @ Night Magazine

A Vixen 0.67x focal reducer is also available for imaging at f5.2

Vixen ED115S Optical Path pdf



Objective lens 115mm ED doublet
Focal length (Focal ratio) 890mm (F7.7)
Resolving power, limiting magnitude 1.01 arc sec, 12.1
Light gathering power 270x
Tube size & weight (OD) 125mm x (L) 930mm, 4.4kg (9.7lb)
Finderscope Optional
Adapter thread / visual back 60mm on scope body. 42mm for T-mount, 31.7mm push-fit, 50.8mm* push fit on optional flip mirror
Accessories included Dovetail adapter, tube rings & 2" dual speed focuser
Photography** Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and afocal imaging

*A 50.8mm mirror diagonal or a 50.8mm extension tube is needed to use a 50.8mm eyepiece. **Optional photographic accessories are needed.



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