Vixen NA 140 SSF Flat Field Refractor

Vixen NA 140 SSF Flat Field Refractor


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Model:  vixen_na_140_ss
Part Number:  78681
Brand:  Vixen


New model featuring Japanese-made optics. 

The Vixen NA140 SS Flat Field Neo-Achromat refractor features a fast f5.7 4-element Petzval-like optical design. The rear element enables a normally slow f-ratio objective lens (with lower chromatic aberration) to achieve a faster f-ratio and a flat field.

Whilst not a true Apochromat this fast large-aperture telescope is a very good choice for those using large sensor CCD cameras for high quality narrow-band astrophotography, without requiring a field flattener.

Broadband CCD or DSLR imaging is also possible but would require extra image processing to remove blue halos around bright stars.

Visually the the Vixen NA140 SS delivers the sharp, bright, contrasty views you would expect from a refractor of this aperture and design.

Build quality is very nice indeed with fully Japanese-made optical system that is assembled in China then shipped to Japan for final QC. The dual-speed rack & pinion focuser is very strong so can handle large heavy cameras.

The Optical Tube Assembly weighs a little under 7kg and has a focal length of 800mm. There’s a built-in dew shield and Vixen’s dual-speed focuser is supplied as standard together with tube rings and dovetail mounting plate. 

Vixen NA140 SSF Optical Path pdf (the new current NA140 SS has the same optical path). 

Vixen NA 140 SSF Review pdf by Anthony Emberson (review of the earlier model with Chinese-made optics). 


Objective lens 140mm Neo-achromatic, multi-coated
Focal length (Focal ratio) 800mm (f5.7)
Resolving power, limiting magnitude 0.82 arc sec., 12.5
Light gathering power 400x
Tube size & weight (OD) 140mm x (L) 1024mm, 6.5kg (14.3lb)
Finderscope Optional
Adapter thread / visual back 60mm on scope body. 42mm for T-mount, 31.7mm push-fit, 50.8mm* push fit on optional flip mirror
Accessories included Dovetail adapter, tube rings & dual speed focuser
Photography** Prime focus, eyepiece projection and afocal imaging

*A 50.8mm mirror diagonal or a 50.8mm extension tube is needed to use a 50.8mm eyepiece.

**Optional photographic accessories are needed.


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