ZWO 1.25'' / 2'' IR/UV Cut Filter
 ZWO 1.25'' / 2'' IR/UV Cut FilterZWO 1.25'' / 2'' IR/UV Cut Filter 

ZWO 1.25" / 2" IR/UV Cut Filter

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About this product

Model:  zwo_ir_cut_125
Part Number:  ZWO-IRCUT1.25

ZWO 1.25″ / 2" IR UV CUT filter is suitable for color cameras with an AR protect window.

The ZWO IR-Cut Filter blocks infrared light from reaching the sensor of your CCD or CMOS camera or your expensive H-alpha filter. When imaging, the addition of this simple and inexpensive accessory will result in sharper images, and when doing solar work, the IR Cut Filter will protect your H-alpha filter from the damaging effects of infrared radiation.

Infrared or IR light is invisible to the human eye, and so even though most telescopes are not designed to focus IR light, it does not matter when you are using your telescope visually. However, when you add a camera to the mix, its a whole other story! Unlike the human eye, a silicon sensor is very sensitive to light in the infrared portion of the spectrum, and that is a problem because infrared images are blurry as all get out. That means your nice, sharp visual light image is degraded by the addition of the infrared layer. This problem can easily be solved by blocking the infrared, and the ZWO IR Cut-Off, will do just that.

The ZWO IR-Cut filter is housed in a 1.25” or 2" cell, and has internal threads so that you can stack filters together. The filter comes with a protective plastic case.

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Zwo ir filter
Thursday, 24 June 2021  | 

Excellent experience..easy and quick transaction ..thanks

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IR cut filter
Tuesday, 25 May 2021  | 

Looks great. But when fitted to my ZWO 224mc it will not fit into my Celestron 1.25" light back. It's just .5mm too wide. Perplexed by this.


We've never come across this issue before - it sounds like something is 'off' with either the filter machining or your visual back. Please get in touch and we can swap the filter and try another.

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ZWO 1.25" / 2" IR/UV Cut Filter
Wednesday, 12 May 2021  | 

My guide camera was getting some weird fuzziness on guiding, after lots of research someone pointed at using an ir/ uv filter.
Tried this one cleared it up, perfect stars and guiding 🙂

Once again delivery is fast, ordered in the morning delivery next day before lunch 👍

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Good service
Monday, 19 April 2021  | 

Very fast delivery and fits perfectly. Used in recent imaging session and initial results look good

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Does what it says!
Friday, 24 January 2020  | 

I have a small Astro Essentials 32mm guide scope that I use with the ASI120MM mini. This combination works great for polar aligning and for guiding but as the ASI120 sensor window doesnt have any IR or UV protection, the images received in either Sharpcap or PHD always looked a little hazy even with focus nailed down. I bought the 1.25" ZWO IR/UV cut filter and added it to the nosepiece of the ASI120. After refocusing due to adding glass into the imaging train, the difference is noticed instantly. The hazyness is gone, contrast is improved and stars are much sharper. A simple filter for a simple job and it does it well at a great price.

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Good prize
Thursday, 11 July 2019  | 

Real value for money

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zwo 2 ir cut filter
Tuesday, 4 September 2018  | 

The filter is being used with a ZWO asi185mc.
The filter is advertised as an IR/UV cut filter, but is only marked IR cut on the filter. I assume that it does both.
The filter mount is quite smooth, so care is needed in handling. Otherwise the filter gives a good colour balance on daytime and night use.

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ZWO 1.25″ / 2 IR/UV Cut Filter
Tuesday, 10 April 2018  | 

Quick delivery and filter seems absolutely fine, had a test on Jupiter.
Just need some decent seeing now!

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everything is ok
Wednesday, 7 March 2018  | 

everything is ok


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