ZWO 5 Position 1.25'' Manual Filter Wheel
ZWO 5 Position 1.25'' Manual Filter WheelZWO 5 Position 1.25'' Manual Filter WheelZWO 5 Position 1.25'' Manual Filter Wheel

ZWO 5 Position 1.25" Manual Filter Wheel

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Model:  zwo_5pos_fw
Part Number:  ZWO-MFW

ZWO Manual 5-position 1.25″ Filter Wheel with a numbered “click” at every position to make changing filters a breeze.

20mm thick filter wheel made from CNC machined Aluminium alloy. 1.25" nosepiece is 25mm thick. M42x0.75 threads both sides for connecting to your camera and telescope.

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Manual filter wheel
07 November 2022  | 

Great for again adding a necessary 20mm to my required backfocus as well as giving me the oppertunity to use filters if required. Excellent quality, didn't want or need this item to be electronic.

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sturdy bit of kit.
31 October 2022  | 

Very pleased with this filter wheel, the casing is robust and well finished.
Clearly marked numbers on the wheel so You can make a note of which filter is where.
even comes with a small screwdriver to open it up. And, as ever, excellent service from FLO.

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manual filter wheel
03 February 2022  | 

Does exactly what it says on the tin, it takes 5 mounted 1.25" filters. I fitted 5 filters in with no challenges; once installed, to select the filter just rotate the dial and away you go, just keep a note of what filter you put in each position. The filter wheel has a female T2 thread on both sides so I also used the ZWO T2 male to T2 male adapter on one side and a T2 male to 2" adapter on the other. Nice and light, no cables, great product. Many thanks FLO.

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Well Made Filter Wheel
20 September 2021  | 

Judging by the photographs, I was concerned that this filter wheel might be a little filmy, but in fact it is very sturdy and well made. All parts are aluminium, thick enough to provide a good amount of thread for both the T-2 connectors and the filters themselves. To fit the filters you need to unscrew the front plate of the filter wheel using the supplied screwdriver. The Baader and Astronomik filters that I have fitted perfectly. The wheel rotates smoothly with just the right amount of ‘click’ at each of the five positions. The filter wheel comes with a 1.25” T-2 nosepiece and a 1.25” T2 eyepiece holder with brass compression ring. ZWO also make a T-2 male to T-2 male adapter ring which is useful for fitting the wheel via its T-2 connections rather than the 1.25” barrel.

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Feels Expensive, Well Built and Works Great
03 November 2020  | 

No need for the ZWO EFW anymore - In my opinion, this works absolutely perfect! It's well built, the filters fit perfectly and it couldn't be any better. Worth every pound!

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Would recommend to anyone
26 September 2020  | 

Very well made filter wheel, it is robust, a bit heavier than I expected for its size and weight, and finely finished. It was a bit gritty when i first received it so I opened it up and re-greased the axle and bearings as well as tuning the locking nut tension slightly. Now it is buttery smooth with a satisfying detent at each position. Very happy with it.

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ZWO 5 Position 1.25" Manual Filter Wheel
21 February 2020  | 

The ZWO 5 Position Manual Filter Wheel although slightly more expensive than most other products, is well engineered and rotates smoothly. It is smaller and lighter than most other products, weighing approximately just 350 grams, important if your telescope is balance sensitive like my 14in Newtonian. It also has a slightly shorter light path, the thickness of the wheel assembly is just 20mm, but for visual use you need to add on the length of the eyepiece holder which is 24mm making about 44mm in total. However if you have a 2in focuser, the light path can be reduced further if you fit a Tele Vue 2in In Travel adaptor, or replace the T thread to 1.25in nosepiece with a T thread to 2in nosepiece as you then eliminate the light path of the 2in to 1.25in adaptor (about 8mm on average), important if your focuser has limited in travel, which is often the case with Newtonian Reflectors.

If fitting a T thread to 2in nosepiece however, you might also need to add a spacer ring, as otherwise, depending on the length of the thread, it may interfere with rotation of the wheel. Likewise the short (to keep the light path down) 24mm eyepiece tube is shorter than the barrel on some 1.25in eyepieces, and you may need to either not fully insert the eyepiece , or add a parfocal ring, again to prevent possible interference with the rotation of the wheel.


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1.25 Manual Filter Wheel
18 March 2019  | 

Well constructed Wheel - I’ve moved back to manual for simplicity (and no wiring) after using powered wheel.

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ZWO manual filter wheel
08 June 2018  | 

This is well made and crucially very soft to operate. i have only had two clear nights to use the scope but all the parts combine well and the subs were in alignment.


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