ZWO Anti-dew heater strip for ASI cooled cameras

ZWO Anti-dew heater strip for ASI cooled cameras

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About this product

Model:  zwo_antidew
Part Number:  ZWO-ANTIDEW

ZWO anti-dew heater for ASI cooled cameras.

Includes the anti-dew heater strip, zip-tie and Y power cord splitter.

The thickness of the anti-dew heater strip is 0.2~0.3mm.

The Y power cord splitter enables you to use your existing power lead to power both the camera's cooler and the anti-dew heater but please be careful not to exceed your power adapter's maximum recommended amp output. 

The anti-dew heater requires 12V / 0.35A DC and produces ~4.2 watts of heat. 


Inner Diameter: ~50mm

Outer Diameter: ~75mm

How to fit

1. Tear the protective film off the adhesive tape.

2. Put the anti-dew heater strip on the front facing of the camera and make sure the black cable is in the right position (lining next to the DC plug at the rear end)

3. Tie the black cable with a zip-tie on the camera body.

4. Plug in the power cord.

Your camera should now be dew-free.

What's in the box

  • Anti-dew Heater Strip
  • Zip-Tie
  • Y Power Cord
  • 2x Spacers

Customer reviews

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Humidity removal
15 September 2023  | 

My cooled camera has a dew heater built in, but on very humid nights it can still have an issue. Adding this has removed the issue fully. FLO delivered in double fast time as usual. Excellent service

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Good for dew prevention
14 November 2022  | 

Good for dew prevention, but…Once this heater has been fitted, it would prevent you from accessing the desiccant tablets for drying them out or replacing them. If you have reason to access the tablets and need to open the front of the camera, you will damage the heater strip and would need to replace it with a new one. Suggestion: ZWO should make it slightly smaller in order that the screws on the front of the camera are not covered by the heater.

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Does the job
10 February 2022  | 

Excellent service by FLO

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Dew tape
09 February 2022  | 

I bought this tape to tidy things up rather than using a dew tape around the nosepiece of the camera , just installed yet to test my only gripe and maybe flo could get lynx Astro to make a better Y lead using silicone cable as the zwo y lead is too thick a cable cable ties are to thick , both male leads are the same size rather than offsetting the lengths just looks untidy and cumbersome , will probably lose the Y lead and use separate cables to plug into my Deepskydad Hub2 , would recommend the dew tape but the Y lead could do with a bit more thought putting into it.

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Easy to fit
04 October 2021  | 

Strip is easy to fit to camera I have only used it once so far and gets warm didnt get any dew
Not sure why the two spacer rings are in picture because they dont come with it but it looks like it will do the job

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Good, but should be designed for access to body screws for maintenance.
12 January 2020  | 

I bought this add-on for my ASI1600mc-cooled as I had a session that was badly affected by condensation on either the camera window or the sensor. I have fitted it according to the instructions and have had no condensation issues in the next imaging session. However, due to dust getting onto the sensor when I dried the desiccant tablets, I find it very difficult to access the camera front plate screws as they are covered in the self-adhesive anti-dew heater.
So, in conclusion, I'm sure the device works well, but could be designed to allow access to the body screws for all the intended ZWO camera models.

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ZWO anti dew heater strip.
03 January 2020  | 

I purchased this after experiencing heavy dewing on my 294mc pro camera front window. It is a great piece of kit. Easy to fit and works a treat. Have had no issues with dew forming since. A very worthwhile investment.

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Get one now!
17 November 2019  | 

We had a few nights with crazy humidity a couple of weeks ago. I brought the dew heater with the camera, but didn't added on camera. That was a mistake because I ruined one night of imaging because of dew. Yes, the 1600MM Pro still has this issue under certain circumstances.


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