ZWO Finder-Guider Scope

ZWO Finder-Guider Scope


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Model:  zwo_guidescope
Part Number:  ZWO-60280
Brand:  ZWO


Latest Version with Finder Shoe & Vixen-Style Dovetails

The ZWO finder-guider scope has a faster f/ratio than 50mm finder-guiders and 1.44x more light gathering ability! 

Features include a multicoated 60mm f4.67 objective lens and rotating helical focuser. 

Includes a Vixen-Style dovetail so can be easily mounted onto a suitable side-by-side bar or, if you prefer to piggy back it atop your existing scope, you could use a female to female dovetail adapter

Also includes a removable finder shoe dovetail. 

15mm back focus.


Objective diameter:  60mm 
Focal length:  280mm
F/ratio:  f4.67
Focuser:  rotating helical focuser
Focus travel:  30mm
Back focus: 15mm
Weight:  474g  (604g with tube rings and dovetail bar)

There are currently no specifications available for this product.

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Quality guide scope with hidden features and quirky focus.
Tuesday, 2 October 2018  | 

I purchased this guide scope primarily to use with a ZWO 224MC which works really well. However I do have a collection of web cam based gadgets that I wanted try for guiding with the ZWO as the main imager. At first I struggled to get focus with these other web cams but then I noticed you can reduce the length of the main tube by 35mm which when combined with some extension tubes brought these other web cams into focus.

I say quirky focus because you have to rotate the 1.25" eyepiece barrel around a helical screw which means the camera rotates also, yes you can loosen the eyepiece screw that prevents the camera rotating but you need two hands, one to focus and one to hold the camera in place and stop it falling out.

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Great Scope Finder
Monday, 26 February 2018  | 

Very good value guide scope. Added to my William Optics 73 APO on a Celestron AVX mount.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016  | 

I have an HEQ5 mount with a 200P so weight was a factor when choosing a guide scope for me and this was the factor which made me choose it.

Eight months on and I couldn't be happier with this scope. I use it with a Loadstar X2 and even with a 2 second exposure time have yet to fail to get and hold a guide star. The FOV is nice and wide so you have plenty of choice.

Get some neoprene foam and make a dew shield and you'll not even have to worry about it dewing up either.

An excellent lightweight scope that I would recommend to anyone.

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