ZWO Nikon-T2 Adapter MkII Suitable for all ASI Cameras
 ZWO Nikon-T2 Adapter MkII Suitable for all ASI CamerasZWO Nikon-T2 Adapter MkII Suitable for all ASI Cameras 

ZWO Nikon-T2 Adapter MkII Suitable for all ASI Cameras

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About this product

Model:  zwo_nikon-t2-adj
Part Number:  ZWO-Nikon-T2-Ⅱ

This new ZWO Nikon-T2 MkⅡ adapter is independently developed by ZWO.

It is composed of a 29mm Nikon-T2 adapter and 5mm T2 extender, and is suitable for use with all ASI cameras except full frame models like ASI6200 and ASI2400.

You can also fit a 2" IR-Cut astronomy filter within the adapter (filter not included). 

Note: Our photos show the Canon EF Lens version. 

Note regarding Nikkor G-type lenses: Nikkor G-type lenses are not compatible with this adapter, unless you can find a way to keep the aperture open. ZWO suggest using an "orthodontic rubber band" to hold the lens aperture tab in it's open position. We have not tried this. If you know a good solution and can recommend it to others please email us the advice or include it in a product review so others will benefit. 

Connection Method:

With ASI cooled cameras (ASI533/183/294/1600/071/2600)

With ASI non-cooled cameras (ASI1600/294/183/174 (17.5mm back focus length))

ASI178/385/462/290/224/120 (12.5mm back focus length)

Included Parts:


Customer reviews

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A game changer for me
04 May 2023  | 

The parts are fabricated to a really high quality, which is great. This will allow me to use some of my camera lenses with my newly acquired 585MC., which really opens up some interesting possibilities/opportunities. As ever, FLO are great to deal with and patiently answer my dumb questions and guide me through my efforts to get to grips with complex hobby. By hobby, I mean cloud watching, of course...

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Great adapter
09 March 2023  | 

I bought myself a SW AZ-GTi mount initially to use my Nikon DSLR body and lenses on for some general wider field Astro photography. This adapter has change things as it means I can fit either my ASi585MC or my Hypercam 26C onto my camera lenses as well. The adapter is sectional and has a set of fine spacers to get the exact back focal distance needed. Itís threaded internally to take standard 2 inch (48mm) Astro filters, great for NB with an Astro camera or modified dslr fitted. Great little adapter highly recommended. FLO did a fine delivery job on it too.

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Great Solution
20 April 2021  | 

The adapter is well made and fits very nicely with no play at all. As others have pointed out it does not allow the aperture lever to be activated thereby opening the aperture on G type lenses to the maximum extent. However, on newer lenses, E type, the aperture is electronically controlled and always fully open unless commanded by the camera. These lenses work perfectly with this adapter. The older G lenses can be made to open up if you fold up a tiny bit of paper and wedge it into the slot with the lever in the right position. It works but you do this at your own risk. You can leave the paper sticking out by about 4mm to make sure you don't lose it. Overall I'm very pleased with the adapter, it works perfectly and allows me to use the ASI camera I bought. Very happy with it.

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Excellent for Nikon F mount lenses with an aperture ring.
05 February 2021  | 

Just arrived and tested with an Altair Hypercam. Mine did not ship with spacers but I have a set of the Baader T2 spacers already for a related purpose. I tested it out on the Nikon 180mm without a filter installed and the optical length calibration is close to perfect. It is 29mm deep, measured with a digital caliper, and this plus the 17.5mm of my Hypercam sensor depth (like some of the ZWO) giver the right Nikon Backfocus distance between the lens bayonet and sensor. So no problems finding infinity focus. With a filter in you can either short focus a little or restore the required Backfocus with a spacer. In my set the thickest spacer less than 1/3 the filter thickness does the
Job pretty well. I havenít tried any of my wide angle lenses yet. They might be more demanding on the precision of the spacing for edge to edge on full frame. But my telephoto is fine.

The lack of a pin for aperture control on G lenses is something that could have been addressed. The Hutech filter adapter for mirrorless bodies attaching to DSLR lenses has an adjustable one. The Geoptik part has a simple pin that holds the aperture wide open. On the other hand astrophotographers often use simpler Manual
Lenses by Samyang to Zeiss where the aperture control is on the lens anyway. So maybe not such a big deal. My main lens for this has such a ring so I am fine. If you have all Nikon G itís more of a pain. E can be fooled into remaining at an aperture if you have a DSLR.

So I am really pleased. It is very well engineered. Iíll be using it with the 180mm in ADM rings. It will also be a good match for the Samyang 135mm in Nikon form.

Note that this is NOT for Z mount lenses as the flange distance on a Z body is 16mm rather than 46.5mm and there is no known way to make such a lens work with an astrocam where the sensor is 17.5mm down in the camera.

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Good but Flawed
03 February 2021  | 

Very well engineered, indeed one of the best engineered products of this type I have seen. This only makes it more of an irritant that, having remodelled the design ZWO did not include the flange which opens the iris. Just to confirm the point about G type lenses. These are almost all lenses made in the last twenty years as G type was introduced in 2000. These lenses do NOT have an aperture ring and can therefore be only used fully stopped down at f/22 or beyond, which is obviously useless. Older lenses are still available second hand and fortunately I have a couple which I wanted to use and hence the converter, but this is a key point to take onboard.

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Does the job
21 October 2020  | 

I wanted the option to add a CMOS camera (ZWOASI183 MC Pro) to my Nikon lenses. This does the job perfectly, no problems with back focus, and it opens all of my Nikon lenses to deep space imaging.

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Useful adapter, but not for heavy unsuported lenses or cameras...
06 July 2019  | 

The bayonet mount ring design is not firm enough for bigger lenses e.g. Nikkor 300mm f/4.5, which will sag, or if the mount on the lens is used the camera (e.g. Atik Horizon) can sag.

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ZWO nikon-t2 Adapter
04 September 2018  | 

Used on a ZWO asi185mc camera.
A good product, but I needed to add spacers between the camera and the adapter to get infinity focus anywhere near the infinity mark on the lens (even more than the spacers supplied. I made one from an old credit card).


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