ZWO OAG-L M68 Off Axis Guider
ZWO OAG-L M68 Off Axis GuiderZWO OAG-L M68 Off Axis GuiderZWO OAG-L M68 Off Axis GuiderZWO OAG-L M68 Off Axis Guider

ZWO OAG-L M68 Off Axis Guider

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About this product

Model:  zwo_oag_l
Part Number:  OAG-L

NEW ZWO OAG-L Off Axis Guider with larger 12mm x 12mm prism.

Recommended for use with the ZWO 2” EFW or 7x36mm EFW V2, and APS-C (ASI2600) or full frame (ASI6200/2400) cameras. 

Provides a wider clear aperture than previous model. 

Easy to use and particularly well suited to longer focal length telescopes or telescopes with moving mirror focussing systems. 

The major differences between OAG-L and M68 OAG are the prism size and the threads. The OAG-L removed the inner threads so you can directly use the screws to connect it to other equipment. 

If the thread of your telescope side is M48, then you don’t need to remove the M48 sensor tilt plate coming with OAG-L. 


  • Lightweight and exquisite
  • 17.5mm thickness.
  • Prism size: 12x12mm.
  • The effective light-passing aperture is 11.7mm*8.3mm.
  • Packaged with an M48 sensor tilt plate (5mm)
  • Also works with ASI Mini cameras ASI174MM Mini, ASI290MM Mini and ASI120MM Mini.
  • The large clear aperture supports full frame cameras without vignetting.

NOTE 1: Considering the large prism size, we don’t recommend you using the OAG-L with telescopes with clear aperture smaller than M48.

NOTE 2: This new ZWO OAG-L will fit the ZWO 7x36mm EFW V2 but not the earlier V1 (the V1 model does not have the necessary screw-threads so is incompatible with this new OAG-L). 

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